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Found 1 result

  1. JarofVegemite

    Sorry is the hardest word

    Just had an incident in a game today that made me think about how many players (esp low tiers, but not exclusively) use their torps. I mostly play DD's but have never TK'ed anyone. That's probably hurt my performance, as I am likely missing out on some potential damage caused, but I refuse to fire torps where they might hit a friendly. And so far, no disasters, although it will no doubt happen someday... I have, though, been TK'ed a number of times (although only once would I regard it as being deliberate), and hit by friendly torps a hell of a lot more. Today I was torped by a friendly cruiser about 5kms behind me, whilst sitting in my smoke. Wasn't impressed However not once has anyone in game ever apologised for hitting me. Ok. it's the Asian server, many players likely don't speak English. But on the few occasions when I've asked wtf the player was doing (and I don't bother asking anymore), the answer has always been the same; it was my fault. It was my fault for being in their path of their torps. Most of the time this is from cruisers (I have learned to become very wary around friendly Tenryu's...), usually firing at targets well outside their torp range. As a DD, trying to focus both on what's in front and behind you ain't easy. But the lack of any response in chat leads me to think most players do genuinely think it is someone else's fault if they get hit by their torps. That they are just blindly firing along the estimated path, and everything else that might subsequently happen ain't their problem. I don't think the answer is increased TK penalties, as people seem to complain enough about those as is, but definitely players need to be somehow taught in-game how better to use their torps. Some sort of obligatory torpedo school for players who hit enough friendlies, and at least something to show that firing along the white line isn't foolproof, for instance. Yeah, its hardly gonna solve every instance of this happening, but right now its really common at lower tiers. And a real pain in the arse to deal with tbh.