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Found 2 results

  1. xXRo_500Xx

    Hatsuharu team killing

    You guys should watch out for this [redacted] guy. 3 mins into the game while i was rushing to A point to contest the cap (no enemy spotted), this guy suddenly turned right THEN deploy a full salvo of torps right in front of my minekaze > The result? sunk and he didn't even say sorry! What a joke ... [Content removed] Naming and shaming. Post edited, user warned, thread locked. In the future, please direct such reports to Support, at https://asia.wargaming.net/Support. The forum is not to be used to name and shame users. ~Syanda
  2. yansuki

    TK attempt.

    so i playing with my on my belfast at fault line map. spawn at top team at the left side of the map. as a light cruiser and i cant tank damage i smoke on island near the A cap (this this game is standard battle). i uses the island as for retreating just in case my smoke run out. i was sailing with a friendly gneisenau. since i cant tank damage and i uses my smoke and let him spot for me while i focus on enemy cruiser and dd, after i sank the dd i was watch out for the torpedo that the enemy myouko or akatsuki might have launch on my smoke. the torpedo warning rang but there was no torpedo in my front and sonar was active, i look in my back and the gneisenau launch torpedo aimed at my smoke. i though this was a deliberate TK because there was no enemy near my smoke and the akatsuki course was too far and outside his torpedo range, i was on the look out for him. constantly monitoring what he was doing as i shoot enemy ship. 2nd time he did it again, this one is too far so i didn't do much evasion as i busy helping my allied kongou deal with enemy new mexico, my smoke was on cool-down so i have to weave to evade shells. for the 3rd time aim another set of torpedo. this time was too close as i didn't notice him. i have to evade the torp causing me to present broadside on new mexico. the new mexico almost deleted me. i was left with 4k hp after that devastating salvo. the game was almost ended so he never attempt a 4th time. i think WG should return the compensation for TK to make Ahole player like this to pay, maybe they will stop on trying to ruining other people game experience. (he's lucky that i don't turn on save replay as i don't have much HDD space)