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Found 4 results

  1. Seems like I (and many other forum regulars) owe WG an apology. WG have listened to the complaints about constant AFK players and morons who simply enter battle to team kill etc etc.... Also coming in 0.7.4: Shima detection buff. Hipper and Prinz Eugen buffs. Midway nerf. Orion nerf. UI tweaks. New port Kronstadt. Check it all out at the link below. https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/announcements/public-test-074-key-feature/ System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct World of Warships is a game in which players team up for a single purpose—outfighting the opponent at sea and in the air. But let's make it clear—players are all human. We all have emotions, and no man is wise at all times. It definitely won't do any good to your team if you miss a teammate's maneuver and send your torpedoes right into his path, or if you succumb to anger or frustration and send a salvo at your ally, or if you forget that you've already pressed the "Battle" button and go do something else. In World of Warships, we've always kept an eagle eye on, and tried to act up on players whose behavior does not always correspond to the rules of the game. The upcoming Update 0.7.4 bring in an enhanced system for tracking offenders, bringing it to a whole new level. Like in the previous iteration, the main indicator of a player's status will be the color of their nickname. If it's white, the player has not committed any violations recently. A nickname that's gone pink means the player's had a warning and should mend their [in-game] manners. Orange color means the player's been punished for unsporting conduct. Let's take a quick look at the main violations which can result in a warning or penalty followed by a change in the player's nickname color. Inactivity in battle Damage to Allies/Team Kills Fleeing the battle For violation of the rules, AFK/sleeping status in battle or fire at allies, the system will display a warning in the Port, informing the player of a change in their status and explaining the actions that entailed the change. If the warning does not produce the desired effect and the player continues to violate the rules, the next step will be a ban on entry to certain types of battles, in particular those where individual performance may affect the final result. To be allowed access to battles with real players in Random, Ranked and Scenario Battles, violators will have to play several Co-op battles against bots.
  2. I have had a post half a year ago with identical idea. You can find it here: I'm posting again because apparently that didn't gain traction and I think the problem is so blatantly obvious. Alright. I was on PTS server yesterday playing Hindenburg. I passed by a GK while shooting and caught him with 2 HE shells. Completely unintentional. That did little damage by itself. But it also caused a fire on him that kept burning for 1 whole minute. Of course since it's a GK the fire damage is massive and he lost 15K health to that single fire. During that time, I turned from full health, to pink in 10 seconds, and died due to team damage in 20 more seconds. After battle, I caused 65K team damage in total, 15K to GK with fire, and 50K to myself due to team kill penalty. And for that the game awarded me a 19-games pink status. To summarize, my game got completely ruined, my team lost a ship for nothing, and I got a 19-games pink status penalty for 2 HE hits on a friendly, UNINTENTIONALLY. I am trying very hard to suppress my anger and I hope you can understand my frustration and see the problem here. Now, I don't blame that GK at all since holding DC on 1 fire is completely understandable. And ultimately my team did win that game plus it was only PTS. But the same situation could happen and has happened on live server, and I don't think I need to further explain why this is an issue that needs to be fixed. So, my suggestions are as following: Make everything percentage based! 10K damage to a friendly destroyer should not be punished equally as 10K damage to a friendly battleship! It should take a fixed percentage of health done by team damage before pink status is imposed, not by an absolute value. Also when I'm already pink, if I cause 1K damage to a friendly destroyer, I should not take 10K myself, rather the percentage 1K is to that destroyer, times 10, then applied to myself health. Stop making HE set fire on friendly ships! Accidents do happen quite often, and having HE set fire to friendly ships is no different than forcing me to cause damage to my team and punishing me for that. And as a final note please give a thumbs up if you have had the same thing happen to you before. It's important because clearly, WG doesn't pay close attention to this forum board to begin with.
  3. Coco_BeanPage

    Team Killing and DOT Damage

    Team killing is certainly hated by most players and is punishable by banning after multiple offences. But sometimes unintentional team killing happens and it's equally frustrating on the committing end. US destroyer captains probably know best - when you accidentally set a fire to a teammate sitting in the same smoke as you are, and they don't use damage control or don't have it available. Then after the game you found yourself pink. Depending on the amount of HP that ship has, it's even possible for you to become pink during the battle and start losing HP due to that same fire you set. It is easy to see that the punishment for such a benign (and accidental) mistake is far from reasonable. Unintentional team damage by guns is so very common and thus should not induce great penalties due to the innocent nature of the action. AP naturally over penetrates superstructures so it's fine, but HE needs some help. A player should not be given pink status for several games simply because they shot a handful of HE shells onto a friendly ship by pure accident. Quoting myself from a later reply (in which I think I did a better explanation of what I mean): Therefore I would suggest changing HE shell mechanics so that it has 0% chance of setting fire on friendly ships. Deliberate team killers can still do their thing (less easily now) and would still be punished, whereas accidental offenders would not be punished unnecessarily due to a lucky (or in this sense, unlucky) fire. P.S. Flooding is a different case as it can be only caused by torpedoes (and ramming, which only enemy ships can do), and I personally think players should be punished for launching bad torpedoes. However, considering torpedoes already deal a lot of alpha damage, I would argue that flooding is unnecessarily harsh for both the offender and the victim. Removing flooding by team would also make it consistent with the behavior of HE shells. But again, I consider changing flooding mechanics much less important due to team damage by torpedo is much rarer than that by gun, and is more likely to be deliberate. That's why I'm putting this in P.S. section and not really pushing for it.
  4. My biggest pet hate of this game, is when a reckless player that don't bother to use free look to see what's going on around them. On the most recent occasion, I was lining up a target with my torpedoes, I use my free look and the nearest ship is moving towards me but turning away from me. So I fire my torpedoes, next thing I know the nearest ship has turned into me, traded paint with me and driven directly into my torpedoes. This results in me getting punished for a team kill, then getting abused by the noob that recklessly drove into my torps and him reporting me. This type of reckless playing has happed many times and I am sick of getting punished for it and more so getting abused for it Why should I be punished for this, when some fool decides that he will commit suicide? When are they going to do something about it ? This is boring and Iam over it!!