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Found 5 results

  1. Pseudoscope

    Tashkent Torp Buff

    Hi, Could you please consider buffing the damage on the Tashkent's torpedos? With the torpedo damage reduction, damage saturation and all that the torps don't nearly hit hard enough for the situations where you get to use them. When you get to point blank range and land 9 on a Musashi from a 1km barrage, Musashi should die, instantly. Buffing them up to the Khabarovsk's damage would be nice. Tashkent cannot stealth torp, dd's see it from kms away, the main playstyle is gunboat, but when you get close it should destroy everything. I think landing all your torps, even 7 or 8 of them really on a bb broadside should net you a kill. I kinda get that the fast reload is supposed to make up for the reduced damage however the Tashkent really doesn't have the durability to survive close range encounters where torps come into the equation. With all the power-creep, radar, hydro and ships with multiple consumables the Tashkent doesn't really have all that much going for it and I feel that a %25 buff to it would not make it overly powerful, but just reward the player when making those epic high risk plays. Regards, Pseudo
  2. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Stats are in Tashkent - Big Flop

    Well finally the Trashcan Tier 9 stats are in.... https://asia.warships.today/vehicle/3865982416/Tashkent But i found other interesting things in these stats. Tier 9 1# Number one used DD in Asia Kagero (2nd worst ship but still miles ahead of the Tashkent) 2# Highest survival rate Kagero ???? considering it is the 2nd worst winning ship you would think people would either try to fight to win or get sunk doing so? 3# Kill to Death Ratio Tashkent is more than half behind the Z-46 and abysmal 30% survival rate .... wow i didnt know they are that bad. 4# Why isn't more people playing Z-46? Well thats easy, not many people want to grind to this ship and have their W/R drop. 5# Torp hit ratio, the TashKent/Udaloi with just 3%, no doubt in my mind the torps on these ships are just for show. Wow super-testers, game dev guys what where you thinking with this ship?
  3. Just to clear things out this is not a rant post. I just wanna know why did you guys(WG Devs) Nerf Kiev's hit points??? So that I wanna play it to it's full potential OGNEVOI:- I personally loved this ship because of it's Hit points at 15k and Guns were amazing compared to other DDs even farragut can lose to this ship in One on One situation. Torpedoes are very good but it is Russian so 4kms range is reasonable. But most important thing is it was like cruiser and i had to play it like a mini cruiser. KIEV:- I was so eager to use this one so I sacrificed my Minekaze and Ognevoi. but this ship turns out to be hammered with WG NERF HAMMER. like at T7 this ship's Hit Points are 12.6k!! I mean seriously?? How should I play it? Hide like all Hatsuharu players do?? Torpedoes are fine considering I've got used to that 4kms standard range of Russian torpedoes. But I'm also used to my high number of hit points from lower tiers. If i had to use my guns I have to give up concealment and I don't wanna talk about concealment issues because this boat is a GUN BOAT not a torpedo boat like Hatsuharu. Why did you take out 3k hit points from Kiev?? was it that necessary?? Not to say you've now released Leningrad with 15k hit points. With already existing Blyskawica and Sims. TASHKENT:- Now I played it on public test and this one has monstrous 19k hit points. Yes torpedo range gets better with 8kms. And it becomes a complete DD cum Gun Boat Now I wanna know how should I match with these ships?? With my speed? with first salvo shot they will know my exact speed and timing. Even if I do WASD hax their shells eventually get to me no matter what. I just wanna know what is my role and what should I do? and I must say there will be players like "Hey DD go cap!!!" "DD go scout". And I have to explain I'm not a DD and I can't fulfill a IJN DD's job requirements. With all this I had to play a bit passive and which causes me to be a useless member of the team. I can't go and spot. Nor I can be exposed for a longer time and With a CV in the match it is like hell. Note :- THIS IS NOT A RANT POST
  4. Captain_Black_Beard

    The Trashkent.. It just wants some love.

    The Tashkent Tier 8 Russian "Destroyer": "Lots of words incoming! Take cover!" My point: This particular ship has so many cons that outweigh the pros, so im here to listen to what other people think about this "destroyer" and to make a suggestion(s) I think would make more players want to try this ship out and enjoy it. Because you want to have fun right? Right.... Pros of the Trashkent: Good top speed of over 42 knots. 130mm's can do well with AP. (Decent AP for a DD at least) AA is actually surprisingly good! First VMF DD to get 8 km torpedoes? (Even though they aren't good torps..) Cons of the Trashkent: Huge size for a DD, its roughly 2/3 the size of a Cleveland or myoko to give reference. The huge size of this ship "takes" away the speed because its easier to hit. Imagine a Yamato at 42 knots. vs a kiev at 42 knots. Which one is easier to hit? Guns easily taken out, (When I say that I mean perma taken out not "Disabled") Same firepower as the pervious ship in the line, "Kiev". HE recently nerfed. Minus 300 HE damage, and 9% to 7% fire chance (Fairly big nerf imo) Stock torpedoes range of 4km, and upgraded ones only 8km. Not the best torpedo boat. Horrible concealment of 9.4 stock. 8.2 with camo and module upgrade (Not sure with captain skill, id say a little over 7 km) RU dd get 6+km detection when shooting, cant stealth fire. (Unless in smoke of course) Easy to hit while in smoke. (That huge size of the ship) HORRIBLE, turn radius the Mikhail Kutuzov has a TR of 760m, compared to Trashkent's 730m and this is a DD, terrible.... Rudder shift is horrible stock unless you get module and upgraded hull even then huge turn radius makes it very hard to dodge incoming fire. The high hit points does not matter as its so easy to hit which is why its not mentioned in the pros. Terrible range, its a gunboat dd (almost 90% of time pew pew) and worse range than T7 Kiev. 11.7 WITH module upgrade and 13.9 with AFT. I could be nit picky and add another 12 more cons of the ship but I don't think its necessary to....you get the point Thoughts and Suggestion(s): The ships pros are minuscule to the amount of negatives that come with this ship. Its really a cruiser, and handles like a cruiser but with some extra speed, even then, worse AA then a cruiser, even worse torpedoes, worse firepower, No hydro acoustic or defensive fire, No armor so one volley from a mogami with HE and bang, 15k health gone, those 19k hit points are great! But heck, even a Fubuki is scary 1 volley bam 3-4k health gone 2 turrets taken out while in return only 1000-1500 damage is thrown back. Suggestion: Its a gunboat, so make it a playable gunboat.. Remove Perma destroyed guns from the Entirety of the game. Not only for this ship. Give this ship and the Udaloi (T9 VMF DD) the pre nerf guns. 1900 HE damage and 9 % fire chance. Decrease turn radius to 700 meters from 730 meters. Buff gun range from 11.7 to 12.5 (Similar to Kiev) - It shouldn't have LESS range than the previous ship... Logic. It see's T9-10.. Why?: Destroyed guns only cause frustration and they are (just like everything) RNG taken out. The pre nerf guns give it a chance to actually play like a gunboat and make an impact it is after all a "cruiser" it wasn't called the "Blue Destroyer" .. Blue cruiser reference: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/9009-tashkent-the-blue-cruiser-of-the-red-fleet/. The slightly smaller turn radius allows it to more easily dodge incoming fire since it has to get so close to use its guns. And buffing the gun range allows it to more safely fire and dodge.. In fact its near impossible to do anything in T10 games since everyone sits 20km's and slugfest it. You're left to either hang back do nothing or move in get taken out in 2 volleys from a Zao at 18km. That's assuming no carrier is spotting you... But really it only makes sense to have the same or slightly more gun range than the previous ship T7 Kiev. It shouldn't have less. Why should the Trashkent be a downgrade.. Right? Conclusion: A gunboat should be a gunboat, if it cant play like a DD. (It clearly cannot). Or play like a cruiser, you might as well remove it from the game as most people give up at Kiev anyways. It should be able to play like a gunboat as the way the Benson or Fubuki play like a DD. I think the buffs I suggested are quite fair and realistic (They aren't going to make the ship invincible), I mean how many posts do you see claiming the Tashkent was OP and ruining the game? Please share your thoughts if you have played this ship and how it compares to the previous ship T7 Kiev, which most claim is better than the Trashkent. Does it need a buff? Would my suggested buffs help? What buffs would you like to add?
  5. So... Less gun range than Kiev... Size of a Cleveland... Turn radius of a heavy cruiser?... Rudder shift of a heavy cruiser?.... 4 km torpedoes....8 km when upgraded, but less speed, and damage... 9.4 concealment (stock)... weak AA.... Recently nerfed HE damage and fire chance... Ugly... So why is the Kiev, Ognevoi, Gnevny, heck even the islayav almost better in every way than the Trashkent... Not only do people stop at Kiev and free exp it because its such garbage, in 0.5.3 they want to give it a 3000 doubloon camouflage that makes the ship a slightly lighter blue... I dont even.. I dont know....is wargaming to afraid of the ugliness of the Trashkent to even give it a decent camouflage? At least give the Trashkent the same range as Kiev... Even better switch the Kiev and the Tashkent. It would be somewhat garbage at tier 7. Rather than being a pointless member of your team in T8. Wait, why not make a premium Russian T8 DD that has way better stats, kinda like how they nerfed Kiev then sold Blyskawica (aka Kiev 2.0 on steriods with Invisfire and usable torpedoes) kinda like the Gnevny and the Gremyashchy