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Found 5 results

  1. The first few minutes of a battle are often crucial. They do not always decide the battle, but often a bad start can only be rectified by some skilled/lucky playing, or the enemy making mistakes. One specific tactic is the "rush". Its deceptively simple, You rush into center of map, a choke point, the caps, and bunker down behind an island and shoot anything which tries to pass you. This is a move favored by light cruisers, especially those of the US. This can deny an entire area to an enemy, especially if you have radar, and can take an enemy force half the game to get past you, if you have allies covering you. But this can be a risky move, to work properly, you need to be fast, you need to identify where you need to go, you don't have time to wait for intelligence data to tell where enemy is, or for BBs to catch up, or to check if you actually have allies willing to follow you. If you don't get there fast, the enemy could take it and bunker down first. That's they key to success. Ally support. If the enemy rushes you, you cannot hold them back without support, if you have ally support, you could hold the enemy back all game, or even push them back (especially if you take out their DDs in the early push, DDs panic a lot when they encounter a CL where they expect a DD). As a solo player, I have both been very successful, and very unsuccessful with this strategy. Either pushing forward, capping, radar and locking down enemies for allies to pick off, or pushing forward and getting trapped while enemies overtake me because my team has decided to abandon flank. As stated above, speed is key, delay can cost you, but sometimes if you're unsure if you have team support, its better to hang back and push together, and hope the enemy has chosen the same tactic. For other ships, if you see you light force rush forward, support them, your close presence can keep the enemy at bay. For the light force, keep an eye on enemy and allies, if allies look like they're running, turn around and run before its too late. And if you do rush successfully, remember, you don't always need to keep rushing, and if you do, wait for backup, solo ships pushing forward get killed. This has been a midnight ramble from a captain who just successfully pulled off a rush and had a good game in his Worchester. 20201103_233859_PASC210-Worcester_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  2. The IJN DD line is split in two. I find I prefer the alternate tech tree boats, the stealthier Minekaze/Hatsuharu/Shiratsuyu over the larger, main line DDs, Mutsuki/Fubuki/Akatsuki. Though I liked Mutsuki well enough, I could not adjust to the high detection radius and low speed / maneuverability of Fubuki or Akatsuki. My favorite ship of the combined lines up to T7 is Hatsu. Over time my IJN DD playstyle has adapted to (and stuck at) the ultra-stealth ability of that particular ship so I'm struggling to do much of anything with Akatsuki. How do you do well in Akatsuki when you are so easy to spot and so sluggish to move? I can't seem to be able to effectively contest caps given the high number of Russian and USN gunboats in play, and even spotting for the team risks being outspotted by enemy DD and deleted by the supporting high tier, high DPM cruisers... I'm definitely missing some key point somewhere. Maybe play much closer support to friendly ships? Maybe do the lone flank run and torp enemy BBs?
  3. I just had a match in my Gnevny where team refuse to defend cap in standard mode Thus I had to hold the cap against a Cleveland, Graff and two Nagatos with assistance of kind Mutsuki whom decided to stay with me and help with spotting Unfortunate thing is the team push got wrecked and pretty much every living enemies went for our cap and we could only buy time until the match ends and lose by points Is there any way I can contribute more for victory
  4. Hi Guys, It's been a while since I played much WOW as I found my experience to be one of having more frustration more often than fun... All well and good to learn and be a noob when you're new but this game brings in enhanced features, ships, tiers, armament etc and yet leaves GAME PLAY lagging so far behind that today it is the Single Greatest source of player frustration... This isn't me but from a survey of over 26 top tier players.. Easy Suggestions to Rapidly Enhance Gameplay seemed to include the following and I'll stick the the format of the Sticky above by dead_man_walking cheers champ;) PRE GAME COORDINATION - While Map Load Countdown Occurs... 1. Have ability for Division Leaders to be able to plot Way Points to tell the Division the suggested course to follow and which can be seem by all other team mates so as to 'jump on' or 'move on' to another course of their own/fill a void.. 2. The ability to revise that series of Way Points IN GAME using the 'M' or Map Popup.. 3. The Possibility of an 'Admiral' where the 'overall most experienced player' gets perhaps special abilities to call in an 'Allied Fly Over' where a scout plane flys across an area of the map, Drop a torpedo bomber or a smoke bomb on a stricken target.. All suggestions here that I for one don't need but sound interesting for a whole new game dynamic. GAME TYPE OPTIONS - Random vs Ranked vs Coop People feel that Random is very like Ranked these days and Team Battles are great unless you're new and have now clan based groups or friends to play with and thus a fairly 'fail' game type at present.. 1. TOTAL XP based matching - instead of SHIP based matching alone in Ranked how about some 'specific skill matching' as the algorithm in TEAM BATTLES does? Not one player surveyed agreed that newbs should be able to 'Buy a Ship' and simply 'be' Tier 10 then come in and wreck game after game for those stuck close enough on the net to unfortunately pair with them battle after battle... This needs to stop.. What ever Wargaming does, fix this... It's an insult.. 2. Alternatively the algorithm could look at the fact that they have chosen an JPN DD and do a total XP addition on that and then match according to Class and Nation rather than just Ship Type alone.. 3 New Game Mode - Total Team - this would involve the game forcing players into divisions and those divisions having better coordination.. No players would be lone wolves... its time something like this happened I'll ad and edit this but feedback please..;) #1
  5. The Smoke Screen capability of the Destroyers seems like it could be many tactical uses. How have you been using it the Alpha/Beta? What had worked well for you? What has failed? I image they would be useful for a personal retreat, also for when your team has been separated, the smoke would cover the gap between your team mates and allow them to regroup.