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Found 4 results

  1. coldsteelfury

    Scharnhorst Tactics

    Hello Would like some advice for my Scharnhorst: (1) When entering brawling distance with an enemy BB who maintaining a rigidly front on or angled silhouette, my 280mm AP shells richocet. Am I better off trying to aim my AP at the superstructure or switch to HE? (2) In the above scenario, am I better getting in as close as possible or coming to a stop and pummel each other at short range? Which is better for Scharnhorst? (3) What's the best way to do a torpedo "drive by"? I find that I need to get extremely close to the enemy ship before launching torps to avoid my fish getting dodged. But the problem is as soon as I angle out to get into my torp's firing angle I cop a brutal AP broadside. I normally win the fight at this range but I take some extensive damage. Is this the best way to do a torpedo run (I.e. angle out, fire, angle back in)? Or should I literally aim my bow at the other ship and attempt to scrape the side of their hull whilst moving past them before launching torps? Will the "scraping past" technique mean I cop fewer hits and will my torps have enough time to arm? Or will they bounce harmlessly off the enemy ship because we're too close? Advice please.
  2. I don't know how to play the Tirpitz and keep dying while in a duel with other t8 bb.
  3. well, most of noob in SEA WoWs always wonder why the hell is the team doing...... "WHY NO ONE HELP!"..."i am pushing!"...."its yolo time"...."team not doing teamwork -_-" if you Yolo (try to ram) like this guy , or using IJN BB like Myogi ..... and fail...... THAT IS YOUR FAULT!!! if you just want to Yolo.... be this guy well, Ousen itself never go yolo and always "CAMPING IN THE BACK".most of its tactic is the most effective and yet most un-fun.... but there is a principle that make him always win the battle..... "never join battle a battle you cannt win"..... Asia server is the most competitive yet very un-fun. [based on history, ousen is the man who make Qin Conquer the whole China for the first time ] ohohhohoo wait and wait, i am not lie.... This thread is dedicated for yolo mania like me. when i said "Yolo like this guy"..... i mean him ..... yes, this guy is not only doing yolo..... but YOLO - expect NO SUPPORT WHEN YOLO - YOLO mean accept the bloody hell of the match - ALWAYS ALIVE! what is the point of yolo if you ded? worth it damage? help team winning?? BULLSHIT - know your limit.... simple like that.... ____________________ How to push the line? # using the right ship, like German BB or French BB...... using IJN BB for yoloing is only mean 1 thing... crash..... dont be shingo # by keeping "momentum" half speed or full speed oh what is this "momentum"? if you read manga kingdom, on every pushing strategy they always said KEEP momentum. it mean never stop, or dont let your movement got halted. usually enemy BB is the anchor of your momentum. # destroying/damaging the enemy battleship before push far contrary to what everyone said as BB role : "target CA/CL".... if you intend to yolo, you should destroy enemy BB first. once the anchor of enemy team have been removed. your cruiser will MOVE FREELY, enemy dd will become less threat. also you will get many spotter. target CA/CL is fine as long as you are closer than 13km and very sure you can destroy them in oneshot. but as long as you dont destroy enemy BB, your CA/CL will stay behind..... so just push halfway. # by outnumbering enemy aye, its usually come from stupid lemming train. once this happen, your other flank will collapse. so make sure you can push before your other flank collapse # how many & what type is enemy DD this also important, if there is more than 1 DD and THERE IS NO DD at your side... MUSS Destroy enemy BB then let the CA clear the path. also the introduction of lelwater/deepwater torpedo.... just carefull... only experience and intuition can make you dodge this can of torpedo. there is nothing i can say. # a path to run away, yourpath shouldnot blocked by island # there is no CV, dont expect ally AA.... if CV exist, make sure your position is the most least targeted....or just camping until half match other : # DEFENSE you dont camping, you are defending! there is sometime happen the stupid lemming train in other flank yet your flank get outnumbered because enemy doing lemming train too! on your flank -_- ....... DONT FOLLOW your team lemming train, focus on your flank. if you succesfuly defend and anchoring enemy push.... win is guarantee by 80%.... except your team lemming train is also get destroyed by enemy anchor BB or DD too -_- well, about defending flank its too long to write.... so later.... # the "fire" of battlefield well, general Gyo un and Duke Hyo is the type of instinctual commander that make this term famous. the "fire" mean is the place where the most heated and important battle happen. if you yolo at this place and succesfully repel enemy attack...., win is guarantee. for example battle at cap A and B will decide the victory of the match while cap C can be ignored at all..... this is to loooong to discuss and maybe later on separated thread. Some silly tactic pushing tactic : + Ousen wing flanker lemming train: well, its basically what happened in kingdom current chapter. obviously ousen itself wont use this tactic.... yet i naming it like that :v left and right flank balance. if right push, left stay defending. left or right is based on cap location.... well, this is just example. you can become defender or pusher BASED ON WHAT IS YOUR TEAM DOING. if everyone camp, go yolo. if you get outnumbered in your flank, go def + Rinko spinning horsemen: A spinning pushing momentum tactic.... this tactic in manga is allow Rinko to even break OuKi defense! and when i try it, its actually VERY DECENT.the tactic is simple, when you push, make sure to always equip premium repair party. WHEN YOU NEED to repair or heal JUST turning away, run.... and get back... push again when your HP is enough and you still have repair party and damage party off cooldown. this is the easiest way to obtain dreadnought or pushing enemy.... remember! this also require clear running path, if your turning might be halted by island.... dont do it... this just example, your turning manover is depend on situation...... Moonwalking if the running path is blocked, and you still want to yolo... to the cap push by reverse. ah this thread..... well, this thread is not made by ousen.... i am lie :V its by another yolo guy
  4. This keeps happening, and it's driving me nuts. I was in a fully upgraded Langley, when an enemy Langley fighter squadron decided to engage my fighters less than minute into the battle. Since my fighters are fully upgraded, it should be an even match right (both squadrons are from the same ship)? No. In just 40 seconds, my whole fighter squad had vaporized, and I only managed to take down one of his fighters. Now his remaining 5 fighters are going for my two other helpless squads. And even though they were above 5 or so tightly packed friendlies, none of them were shot down by any anti-air. Now that I'm defenseless, the enemy's torpedo squad finishes me off in one salvo of torpedoes (I have fully upgraded anti-air gunners in crews). The on board AI anti-air did not shoot down any planes, and Langley + 6 Torpedoes = dead. Like how is this even possible??? If two fighter squadrons from 2 Langleys and with similar upgrades (mine was fully upgraded) engages each other at the same time, you would expect all fighters to all die at the same time, or maybe 1-2 to survive on one side. How is it possible that one Langley squadron gets taken down completely, while the other Langley fighter squadron only loses 1 plane? (And there's 6 planes per squadron!). This is totally unfair. Is someone bribing the RNG?