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Found 3 results

  1. CaptainZade_

    Seattle: A Mediocre Buffalo

    Alright, so I talked about the Alsace in my previous post and I actually did better than expected, in fact I did better in the Alsace than I did in the Richelieu. After that I started grinding for the American CLs and so far I liked the ships in T6-T8. Then I bought the Seattle, a ship in which I knew would be mediocre but I played it anyway and guess what? The turret angles are the worst in a USN CL I've ever seen, can't even fire over islands without getting detected and subsequently..... getting DEV STRUCK. With that experience, I considered the Seattle a worse Buffalo as at least the Buffalo has 12 203mm guns and what does the Seattle have? 12 152mm guns with bad turret angles that I can't even consider it a successor to the Cleveland. Now I thought that I would do well considering I did do well in a ship that many consider bad prior to its nerf, but the Seattle is in a whole new way of bad for me, and as always, when I do bad in a ship, I ask you guys, the community on how to play Seattle and how to not have a bad time probably. I really want to make this ship work so I can do well in it and maybe even better than the Cleveland. Also feel free to check my stats, I think people seeing my stats would help me improve as a somewhat-new-wows-player.
  2. Hello all, I am your average Joe who has a standard account and who deals decent damage and does the fair amount of necessary teamplay in order to win any battle. This type of playstyle however becomes extremely costly and loss incurring in terms of credits and the experince gained becomes lower at higher tier especially at T9 and T10. So is there any tips or tricks to improve gameplay in order to make T9 games more viable for a guy with a std. account?
  3. I'm in a confusion... Like most of you know.... I've been grinding lot of ships at the same time and it kinda payed off... Now I unlocked New Orleans, Edinburgh and Izumo... If I leave Izumo... I can buy New Orleans and Edinburgh at the same time... Thing Is I want to get Yamato as quick as possible but Izumo's concealment bothers me most then IJN BB's Stock hulls have slower AP shell which IMO doesn't get you citadel penetrations and no AA at all because IJN... with the mods I can get me concealment mod but I don't know how much it lessens it's concealment(It'd be helpful if stats are provided)... New Orleans this is the ship I'm looking forward to and I want to get it because I liked grinding pensacola has been a good ship for me... How much AA does it get when fully upgraded and how are the shells are they same as Pensacola's...? Edinburgh looks different from other RN CLs looks huge with lot of citadel area... Feels hard enough by looking at it... So If I can get any info on them would be helpful.... I don't have PTS files were corrupted .. So I cannot test them out on PTS... Thanks in advanced....