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Found 3 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    Devonshire review

    I've been playing the British heavy cruiser line a little recently. I got up to Devonshire during the early access event, but never bothered with it until now. My overall impression is this ship is simply straight up bad. It's not competitive at her tier, and has no redeeming qualities. I've played all the cruiser lines except Russia up to at least T8. If Devonshire has a viable playstyle I think I would have found it. The positives: A big heal. Fast acceleration. Moderately nimble. Heavy hitting guns, both HE and AP. High fire chance. Fast turret traverse. Good torpedo firing arcs. Which on paper sounds pretty attractive until you consider, The negatives: Slow, no armor, slow shell velocity, average concealment and short gun range. The reason I say Devonshire is irredeemably bad is that there are only a finite number of maps and outcomes where you can get close enough to hit a target without getting obliterated, and most of those opportunities tend to arise past the 10 minute mark. I'm not saying you won't find those positions, I'm saying that the disadvantage of having to wait around to find them outweighs any gunpower advantage your ship has. I found myself comparing Devonshire to Aoba a lot. Aoba has two less guns, but the guns are very similar in damage output, albeit with better dispersion and longer range. Aoba has enough armor to open water kite or even bow tank effectively. And enough speed to get in and out of trouble. Aoba is flat out just a consistently more useful and effective heavy cruiser than Devonshire.
  2. Suggestions? I require best reload time with damage values plus maneuver.
  3. New_Horizontal

    How to Ognevoi

    Hello Hello I got Ognevoi for a while I tried play her to maximum strength whist contributing enough to team But I just can't make her work well enough #feelsbadman So, I'm here to ask how to make her best before the mighty Kiev is mine