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Found 4 results

  1. Well, since the new loot crates are in the field displayed by that simple freighter beside your ship like this: I gotta ask: what did you find in the bawkses when you opened em? Happiness? Or disappointment seasoned with salt? Looking forward to see people rejoicing at fortunes gained in that deck... be it tears that they drew a prem ship or a pot of gold or simply lulz that ensued as RNG gave you a hard middle finger. In the Game of Bawkses, you either score big or generate more salt. There's a bit of a middle ground. Oh right gais, it would help if you include this bit as well. This was the old survey Lordofcaptain did before the whole bloody thing was merged to my thread (apparently, the Altar of Salt requires a singular sacrifice) so please do fill it up. Change name edit to : Cargo ship containers: unpacking. I for one welcome the freighter ship's deck being the singular Altar of Salt. Edited topic title after merging all the super container threads ~dead_man_walking
  2. IbaraNaruse97

    Win Rate Prediction

    Hello commanders! My name is Yosafat, also a player with IbaraNaruse97 nickname in game. I want to make a little research about win rate of each ship and how to raise up the probability of win. I only need some data based from your nickname and server from one of these four links: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/community/accounts/ (for asia server player), https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/ (for european server player), https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/(for North american server player), https://worldofwarships.ru/en/community/accounts/(for Russian or CIS server players), to see your statistic. I will pick some data about kind of ship, latest game statistics from each ships, and your game behaviour based from the game statistic. The output is to see the percentage of win prediction when use some kind of ship, and some advice to improve your win rate based from the prediction. (in this case, prediction model using linear regression) here's the link of the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/…/1GcuVKj72RafoeoIMwe90L11xsS…/edit…. WARNING!!!! Dont change first 10 rows. Its your example how to fill it. HOW TO FILL: Fill the spreadsheet with info from your top 3 ship used from random battle. The first 10 rows will help you how to fill it. Weight anchor guys!
  3. link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/battleship_rules if any of you live in SA you would know that to complete SACE-high school certificate you need to do a research project. Forgot to mention, my topic is: To What Extent Did Shipboard Fire Control Developments Between the Two Great Wars Influence the Outcome of Naval Battles is the Early part of World War Two? I would really appreciated it if anyone can do this survey. btw its anonymous
  4. Hey guys, I would like to do a survey to assess at what point of the day the current competitors for Season 2 Ranked Battle normally play/engaged/participate. Hopefully this will help us to have some idea when is the optimum time window of the day that we can participate in Ranked Battles, thus maximizing the chance of getting a game as according to your league rather than randomly waiting and for the time that dont have many players we can always focus to play Random Battle. Please kindly vote according to your current leagues Bronze League: Rank 18 - 15, Tier V - VI Silver League: Rank 14 - 11, Tier V - VI Gold league: Rank 10 - 6, Tier VII - Tier VIII Platinum League: Rank 5 - 1, Tier VII - Tier VIII I have divided the options into 4 hours duration per window (at +8 GMT/UTC time zone). You are allowed to choose up to 3 options, but if you normally play the whole day, please prioritize 3 window that is the most time you played. If you only plays on weekend, please choose 1 only option that is "Weekend Only". Also I had to add one last choice since the poll needs you to answer all question, please select "Not in this league" for the league that did not apply to you. (Not sure how not to make this lol) Thank you for your time and participation in this poll. Comments and suggestion are greatly appreciated. Thanks!