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Found 6 results

  1. JohnBalls

    Support : Something went wrong

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I feel like it is appropriate. I am trying to submit a ticket regarding phone number change. Been trying on different browsers and cleared cache, still get the same "Something went wrong". Is there any other way to contact support regarding my issue? I have no access to my old phone number.
  2. Grygus_Triss

    5 Tips to Help Support Your Team

    You don't need to be an unicum team carrier to win a game. You don't even need to do massive damage and sink lots of ships. when everyone does their little bit to help, it can add up to a victory. So here's 5 simple tips. Feel free to add your own. 1. Spotting Matters I cannot stress this enough. If you can see your enemies, you can shoot them. But also, knowing where potential threats are can help you avoid them. The best ships at spotting are DDs and CVs, but if those guys aren't around, CL's with good concealment (and maybe smokescreens) can sub in. Sometime, if an enemy is under fire from allies, and you are the only one spotting them, its a good idea to hold fire, keep them spotted, rather than trying to take cover and fire, or smoke up and fire. 2. Focus Fire Ships Ships that get focus fired die faster, and that means less guns pointed at you and friends. Help the team out, send a salvo or two at that guy they asked you to shoot at. 3. Harass Enemies Even if you have a low chance to hit a rapidly manoeuvring enemy, or otherwise have a low chance to do any real damage, try anyway, what little damage you do may make the difference, and if you don't hit, you're keeping him on his toes, unable to properly fight back (of course, if there's a bigger threat, or tother important targets, don't let him distract you). 4. Stay alive This is a surprisingly advanced skill. Yes, most times it just happens and you can't do much about it. And I'm not talking about protecting you paint near the back either. These are those times when you're on low HP, and a stiff breeze could knock you over, you probably can't take another good hit. If you have managed to escape detecting and are not in immediate danger of destruction, don't just charge back into battle for a last stand. Take a look at you situation. Remember, dying will cost your team points, how close are you to winning? Maybe running and hiding would be the best option. Or some skilled camping and stealth firing. How good is your concealment? Who is the most stealthiest ship left in the game? Basically, don't throw your life away for no reason. 5. Support Others Another more difficult one to master, but It boils down to staying together and giving the enemies more than just one ship to fire at. Attack as a group, not only does this mean that you can focus fire, but enemies will have to divide their fire. There are lots of other tips I could give, but I wanted to focus on one which specifically assist the team, not just basic player skills. Was originally going to post in general, but probably makes more sense here.
  3. SkullCommander

    Doubloon not received?

    Last night, I purchase doubloon in amount of 1,250 units but I haven't received it and my Paypal has already confirmed the payment, how to check or report to WarGaming? Thank you for your attention
  4. gordam_rimsay

    Accidently Forum Perma Banned -Help!

    Sorry this is in the wrong section but it is the only place I can post. Several months ago I got a warning for accidentally using red text in a post. Unfortunately, when I try to acknowledge warning.... there is no button to acknowledge warning!! From any device/browser. Reported to very nice mod a couple times but to no avail.... If anyone has a tip, let me know! Thx Gorbon not Gordam Screen shot:
  5. Hi All Anyone else had issues with their account and premium shop purchasing and then ask WG for help only to be ignored? I had a problem with my purchase from the shop, sent WG a support ticket on the 8th Sep. Got a reply on the 9th saying they would assist, asked me how to proceed. I replied same day (9th Sep) with all details. No reply, so sent a follow up message (14th Sep) Still no reply, sent another message (18th Sep) Still no reply, opened a new TICKET (21st Sep), still no GOD DAMN REPLY!!!! paying customer here and they just IGNORE!
  6. Communist_Potato

    Crashing while loading game

    Sorry if this already exists as a topic, I recently had to reinstall WoWS as it stopped working on my computer (something about the graphics card not working) and after reinstalling it the game refuses to load, (I hit play in the launcher, the load screen comes up and the game crashes). I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if they knew how to solve it, failing that if there was a client repair type thing for WOWS as I'm not in the mood to reinstall the game for a third time as my max download speed is around 200 kb per second and its a really big game.