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Found 3 results

  1. Ok, just read the 0.11.3 patch notes. Apparently Superships are now added to the tech tree as a true T11. I really did not want this to happen, but it did. T10s are no longer the pinnacle. I'll be interested to see if WG includes a T11 whenever they create a new line, or if its something they add later. I rarely play T10s these days because I'm too busy p[laying T9s and lower, so the issue for me will be playing bottom tier in T9s. Because the Superships cost more to service, it smacks of just another way WG controls the economy they stuffed up in the first place... I can only jhope that the cost limits the number of Superships in battle. I can deal with only seeing them 2 out of 3 games. In any case, I don't have the time or money to grind them. The tech tree ends at T10 for me. But hey, you may have different opinions. I assume some people actually like them because hopefully WG would not have put them in the game if they didn't have SOME fans. Maybe they'll be like CVs and only annoy us half the time (except super CV,s they can die in a nuclear strike!) What do you guys think?
  2. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/254 So this little section is in the latest Devblog... I'm all for new ships, lines, types, niches in the game but I'm not ok with the line 'being a technical continuation of T10'. Simply put I don't want Tier 11 ships. The only way most of the lines can progress further is in a more absurd direction and Tier 10 is already absurd enough. I had this reaction to Superships initially but I've taken a step back, some time away from the subject and a deep breath before thinking about it more objectively over a long period of time. I'm still not ok with it. The irony is I'm more ok with Submarines than I am with Superships. (I still think Subs are hyper niche torp DDs in a meta sense and they still have a ways to go). Submarines have some fresh and interesting mechanics to them, Superships are oversized mammoths which will probably need oversized gimmicks to compensate. Let me explain a bit better. Subs will impact your game maybe 5-10% of the time and add an extra layer of complexity that isn't drastically different to stealthy torp boats but is still 'new'. Superships are an exponential extension on the grind and progression up the tiers if they are implemented (long term) assumedly at Tier 11. What's the difference in XP required between T8-T9 and T9-T10, I wouldn't be surprised if T10-11 would be 500k XP. They all also have reached their limits as far as a core concept of their type. BBs are just oversized damage pinatas, CRs become BB-like due to size and firepower and DDs become CL-like. Remember, as the Health Pools drastically increase, so too does DPM. And this is a massive power creep as this progression accelerates at higher tiers. We already have BBs, we already have CLs. Why do we need these ships? This stinks to high heaven of a game developer running out of content to release long term or just embracing 'power creep' as a concept without thinking about the implications. This is absurd given how many lines (even paper) are left, how many splits have been ignored, etc. This is even worse when you consider they have so many 'not shipline' elements of content that can be implemented from Scenarios, Maps, Modes and more. If they have too few ship lines left to implement, taper off line releases to 3 a year or even 2 a year and focus on things the game needs done, starting with the XP system and a prestige cosmetics system... Not to mention game modes, maps, etc. I don't find Superships to be value-adding to the game, if they implement them at Tier 11 instead of just an annual event-ship, all they are doing is extending the grind in what would be an unfun direction for me. Superships are ironically the closest thing to a content implementation that I would consider leaving the game over. I'm not saying I will as that would be hyperbole and very premature but it's seriously making me consider that. This is a concern as I like to think I'm an open-minded person who is happy to consider things fairly objectively. Who'd have thought that Tier 11s would have been my trigger point? I surprise myself.
  3. NewMoskva

    Soviet Supership

    Discussion about A possible Soviet Supership, Superships in general and Soviet tech tree expansions. Feel free to talk.