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Found 7 results

  1. Well I have a question that what is the "Prior" time frame is in the following patch note (taken from 0.8.8) : If you have used the Research Bureau and reset a branch of ships prior to Update 0.8.8 going live, you will receive the Anniversary Victory Bonuses for all Tier V–X ships of that branch automatically. Moreover, any ships of the reset branch that you buy back can bring you Anniversary Victory Bonuses once again in accordance with the general rules of the event. Should I reset just before the patch hits or i can reset in the prior update like 0.9.7 and still get the anniversary reward. Thanks. Link: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-updates/update-088-fourth-anniversary/
  2. The survey pop-up in-game while I'm at Port. These are some survey questions I found and I want to share it here. At picture 1 "Would you like Supercontainer to be distributed in a more predictable manner?" My answer "Yes, I would" "How could getting Supercontainer be more predictable?" My answer - Have a special EXP earning gauge (seperated from normal gauge) that when it reached the target EXP then the Supercontainer is distribute. The special gauge will not be reset. It will be there untill we completed it. And then reset to 0 to start again. It have the maximum number of Supercontainers we can get from it. And this "maximum number of Supercontainers" will be reset in every week or month to prevent it from getting it "too much". This way, Some player with bad luck is still have some Supercontainer. BUT we still have the normal way of getting Supercontainer by random chance. That mean we have two ways of getting it. At picture 2 "Would you like the content of Supercontainer to be more predictable?" My answer "Yes, I would" "How could the content of Supercontainer be made more predictable" My answer - It not exactly "predictable". But have like the choice of "boosting the chance of getting thing". Such as "I want to get Doubloon" and we have choices to choose. So I pick "Boosting the chance of getting Doubloon" button and than the game change the chance of getting Doubloon to be more likely. Such as from 5% to 9% or more? At picture 3 "Would you like to receive more rewards from Supercontainer, but get Supercintainer less often? My answer "No, I wouldn't" "Would you like to receive fewer rewards from Supercontainer, But get Supercontainer more often? My answer "Yes, I would" "You can leave you comments about World of Warships Supercontainer here." My comment - About the last question "Would you like to receive fewer rewards from Supercontainer, But get Supercontainer more often? Yes, I would "More Supercontainer, More chance of getting Ships/Steel/Coal/Doubloon". Some people didn't get a SINGLE Supercontainer for the pass few month. And yes "fewer rewards" but not so "few"... ------- What do you think about it? (There are a lots of people doubted about WeeGee gonna take these survey suggestion seriously... including me. But "Better send than never".)
  3. MeglaGnome

    Happy Birthday to me.....

    So I saved up all my containers since the start of the 4th birthday event.... and today indulged in an orgy of unboxing: 156 containers including 21 super-containers. Goodies snaffled: 3000 steel (plus clan bonus) 1000 dubloons 55600 coal (plus clan bonus) 14250 Free XP 366 camos 426 pennants 350k+ credits too many signal flags to count Still 12 days to go, so I might grind one more T10 for one more super-container. Happy birthday to me
  4. OK we know that there are some cool stuff in super containers aswell as some dam awful ones, I finally managed to get my part 2 american campaign done for 2 super containers and did I get anything good for all this hard and long work I put into it?? Well the answer is no! War gaming think it is funny to put crappy 100X signals in there, when the chance to even receive a super container is what 3%?? In both the containers I got 200 signals I don't care about and when I go to sell all 200 signals I can get 1.2 million credits WHOOPEE!!!! That is only 2 games on the Missouri with Gamescon camo on. Also another thing I can just buy the signals in the arsenal or the shop for dirt cheap, well not so much the arsenal but in the shop, why would you put such common crappy signals in super containers??? I highly recommend taking the signals out of the containers and some of the useless camo's aswell! :/
  5. bradly_colin

    Six Months of Trying My Luck

    Hey all, I posted this on NA, but I thought SEA folks would want to see the data as well:
  6. Now we have "Supply Officer" which tracks how many containers have been opened. For more salts and giggles, I propose that there should be a separate tracking acheivement on how many supercontainers have been opened/earned. The names listed here are only the afterthought, so you could suggest one if you like. Taste of Luck: 10 SCs earned Streak of Blessings: 50 SCs earned Epitome of Fortune: 250 SCs earned Edit: "First Taste of Luck" changed to simply "Taste of Luck".
  7. yangdup

    supercontainer bug

    hey guys my super container is bugging out, first of all i keep getting super container for 2 days and its all only smoke generator modification 1.