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Found 2 results

  1. S4pp3R


    Yoshino is beautiful, attached she has taken New York and is wearing her evening wear... Seriously though, love this ship. Currently running standard gun/fire prevent/concealment modules and the following captain skills: EL EM, AR BOS, SI AFT, CE Running the 12km Torps, she has 4x4, 2 per side. First is like the front ones on Atago, 2nd is like the 2nd on Atago with some more frontal angle. Her concealment is 11.9 and a big majority of her AA is mid and long range (thus AFT). Her gun range is 21.3km and her accuracy is on par with normal cruisers. Her shell speed and arcs behave mostly like Zao. She's so much fun I'm even considering picking up Azuma and I can't believe I'm saying that. One thing to note, her AP has been overpenning broadside CAs a LOT but even 1 cita hit from her can hurt. Her Torp tubes are damaged fairly easily. Still need to test HE/AP priorities a little more, conventional switching works but I want to push the AP further because it hurts broadside BBs. Her reload gets down to about 16s, and then to 11s with AR. I hope you've enjoyed this rundown. She's 186K coal with a coupon.
  2. S4pp3R

    T9 Azuma

    OK first off, making Azuma T9 is the right choice... You have no idea how happy it makes people if you are not making it a steel ship (my hope)... However has WG lost it's mind? It's literally less tanky than Atago in current state. I know it's WiP but are you kidding? Here's an idea, take the Zao principle to her: - low HP for class (Super Cruiser) - troll armour for class (don't do Stalingrad though) - amazingly accurate guns (one thing that seems to be right) with high damage per salvo - average DPM - great stealth Easy! She has no radar or torps so just make her shine with guns and stealth, simplez.