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Found 26 results

  1. NewMoskva

    Soviet Supership

    Discussion about A possible Soviet Supership, Superships in general and Soviet tech tree expansions. Feel free to talk.
  2. NewMoskva

    Soviet Superships

    Talk about suggestions regarding new Soviet superships. I currently have one that I think would work with a few changes. My Design (New Moskva)
  3. Well_DoneX3

    Improvements for Naval Battle

    Greetings, developers of World of Warships. Here are my suggestions for Naval Battle improvements. 1. Enabled by default The Naval Battle attempts should be enabled by default every week for all clan members! Some of my clan members are boomers and kids that they always forget to turn on the attempt every week. It is really tiring having to remind them every week to do so! 2. Increase the number of attempts The number of Naval Battle attempts per member should be adjusted according to the number of members in the clan. The more members a clan has, the more attempts a clan member can do. I suggest using the following table for the example. Number of clan members Number of attempts per member 1-30 10 31-35 15 36-40 20 41-45 25 46-50 30 3. Inclusion of Scenarios for the attempts Scenario mode should be included for Naval Battle attempts too. This is because it is easier to reach the required damage/base exp/number of ribbons in them rather than Coop & PVP. In addition, more people tend to play Scenario due to massive number of illegal bots in PVP modes during weekends. Those are all my suggestion for this time. Hopefully they will be considered and implemented soon.
  4. Hello, Mr. Developer I am writing this Blog to show my dissatisfaction of your changing the way we acquiring the signal flags. I saw it that the WG the 0.10.4 update the access of signal flags from "achieve a particular achievement to obtain 10 specific flags" to "complete a serious of combat missions to acquire several signal flag containers". But in the last weekend, I found it that such way of acquiring signal flags only makes me receive less signal flags while completing my battles with similar performance comparing with those in the previous versions of WoWs, which confused me and discouraged me from trying to perform better for achievements. The new version of the signal flag acquisition method is too inefficient to keep me up with the speed of consuming my signal flags in all kinds of way. To get the best out of my battles, I might use dozens of flags in a single battle, let along the Random Mode or the Rank Mode. In previous versions of the game, this also gave me a higher chance of performing better in the game, which may also give more chance to win an achievement in the game to replenish my signal flags inventory. But now in version 0.10.4, this is no longer possible. Let’s do some calculations: Usually, I can only receive a serious of combat missions in reword of 8 signal flag containers per week. Each container may bring me up to 12 flags, or at least 4 signal flags. And in conclusion, 8 container can bring me 32 flags at least and 96 flags at most per week. Then how much battles could these signal flags be used? In game, it is obvious that I can bring 8 combat flags and 5 economic flags with me in a single battle, which is 13 flags per combat in summary . That means, these 8 containers could only satisfy my needs of playing 3-7 combats or I won’t make the best of myself in game. Besides, the consuming of my inventory while completing the missions was not concluded in calculation. It means I may keep nothing with me at the end of completing your missions. This week, it only takes me 1 day of completing your missions. Which means I will have got none of the flags at the rest of the week however I played in the game, letting alone that I may win several achievements per day, which can bring me dozens of all kinds of signal flags in the past 5 years. Do you mean I will one day run out of my flags as faster as I play WoWs more regular? Isn’t it ridiculous? Is your purpose of doing such change to discourage the players like me from playing your game? In conclusion, I would appreciate it when WG change the way we acquire signal flag back to the previous versions of "get signal flags directly from achievements", or at least increase the number of signal flags we get and how we get them. Instead of forcing your loyal players spending countless of coins or coals in the arsenal buying flags, which is directly contrary to what you have done 1 year ago deleting the Premium Consumables in the game. I can understand your company's strong desire to increase revenue by encouraging players to spend money buying signal flags. But I have to tell you that such change on acquiring signal flags greedily decrease my enthusiasm of performing better in battles, making me feel it that, something that I owned since this game firstly started its server is taken from me. There could be a better way. But now I only feel annoying and disappointing. A Chinese Player of WoWs since 2016 summer HY_Yuan
  5. Hello, I believe that Australia should get it own tech tree, however, i believe it should be put to a poll.
  6. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    CVs are OP pls fix

    CVs have too much of an influence in the match. The CV rework was to fix this and and make them more accessible to players. However there has been a serious backlash. First of all when DDs are complaining about CVs, they seem to forget how before, CVs could keep you perma spotted easily. Now is not the case. The biggest difference between the rework and old rts system is that there are always CVs out there. Here are some of my suggestions to help balance things out yet also require CVs to step up their game and not spam things and farm damage. 1) Limit 1 CV per side at T8. Since T8 has all the premium CVs, they are basically just too influential on the game. An Enterprise and Saipan side would easily demolish a double Shokaku side. This shouldn't be the case. They can also gang up on any T6 ship and make him redundant 2) Give DDs the fighter consumable where they "CALL" fighters "FROM" the carrier to their location. This would give them protection and make them an intergral part of the game again. The fighters could even have a travel time from the carrier to the DD to balance things out.This ties into number 3. 3) Make fighters automatically aim for enemy aircraft as soon as they enter their effective radius. Currently carriers can easily get a premature run or escape before the fighters engage . This shouldn't be the case, fighters should automatically attack any planes that enter their effective radius. These are some of my suggestions and I would like to hear any responses. Destroyers have always hated games where there is a carrier, even before the rework. I find that people seem to be forgetting this. Superunicum carrier divisions were pretty common before the rework but I've noticed a drop in their number. Before you would always get some anchor T7 Saipan with two T8 AA ships division, this kind of div doesn't work as div anchoring doesn't work anymore. I don't consider the reworked CVs to be OP. It's just that they need a proper counter by the players and I thing making DDs have that consumable would help them. I personally like the new carriers as now everyone can fly.
  7. SpringBootApplication

    My few thoughts on improving the game

    1. -/+1 tier Match Making Don’t need say much about this. But if it is hard to accomplish at least more lower tiers in one game don’t throw low-tier-lone-wolf into pure high tier games. 2. Change the overmatch mechanism There are going to be more 457mm (18inch) guns joining the game, but none of them impresses me. I think it is quite fair for 457mm guns to overmatch 32mm armors, so maybe change the 14.3 to 14.25 will bring more flavor into the game. Yamato with her dreadful accuracy still makes her the best long range sniper, while the Kreml could gain the ability to actually fight herself a way through enemies, and Conqueror with best concealment and maneuverability can be a stealth assassin , as for Georgia she can be more effective with her only 6 guns. 3. Spotting income If DDs can’t have a good game experience, at least give them more money. 4. UI improvement I can see WG is working on the port UI, but it is just not enough.The new UI looks simple and clean but it hadn’t changed the fact that it still freezes time to time. Honestly, WOWS’s UI is the worst UI I’ve seen among so many online games. Not saying that the UI is ugly, just it needs to be more fluent or smoother to bring better experience to players. 5. Observer mode After all these years, wows still don’t have a proper observer mode. I like watching competitions like KotS, but without a proper OB mode it’s just not as good as it should be. 6. Maybe more. If I come up with new ideas I will add it in this thread.
  8. CAPT_LooseLips

    Suggestions & Feedback

    I doubt this would help veterans but as a new player a couple of simple things that would help imo. - When ingame, pressing ctrl to check my torp range etc, should recenter the mouse cursor on each press and release. 'Losing' my cursor constantly when trying to check information while playing. If it recentered each time I held down ctrl, then i know it would just be a down and left movement to get to shells for example. It is centred the first time ctrl is pushed which is cool, but in 10sec when my goldfish brain has forgotten the information and i have to press ctrl then second or third time I could have left it anywhere. - When ingame, pressing ctrl should show more information of each item ie., shell cailber, shell velocity etc Increasing the amount of information available in game would help massively for getting past the deckhand stage of play. After figuring out how to NOT plow into islands and torp your team mates the game has alot of information that you need to take into account. Take shell caliber for example, after watching hours tutorials and youtubes the over pen mechanic becomes familiar and something you start thinking about. Ok you might only remember about it when you see 'overpen' popping, but its at that point you want to hold ctrl and check exactly how big my shells are. Sure, you will still have to get the enemy armour from the shipyard, but you would have learned (hopefully after the 78th time) what your caliber was. It would be nice to see all the information i can see back in port ingame aswell. Feedback One of the best fetures imo that wows has implemented is the positive feedback system. That I can compliment players is the balance that so many complaint systems dont have and one that i feel helps. That generally people will press F10 at start of map for example increases the enjoyable atmosphere of playing. The coop battle feature to give players some where to learn is excellent and the operation of the week is also a great idea and gives something lower tier players to aim for and benifit from. Arsonal has been a big mess since i started and has only become reasonably cohearent after spending alot of time in there but I get that it really is more for late game players. And finally, as requested by fellow newbie captain, more credits in base containers please. Happy to invest real money in a game i enjoy but creds feel a little disproporinate atm Fair seas and tight sheets o7 Captain Loose Lips
  9. So with the shark/eagle token conversion to credits in the next update I will be buying me a Buffalo. Now I understand that this is a rather tricky ship to perform well in, I want some suggestions/tips on how to do well in this ship and the standard do's and dont's. Also, do I go for reload mod or range mod? And, choose rudder shift mod or improved propulsion mod? I am not very good at playing USN heavy cruisers as I do face problems with positioning when playing this branch. But I want to get the Des Meme and have to go through this painful grind to reach there.
  10. Admiral_Knackers

    Sound alert suggestion

    A quick suggestion - when the "Detected" message comes up for the first time in a match, I think it would be great if my ship could sound the appropriate historical alarm/klaxon/siren and the announcement "Battle Stations".
  11. Eggy_Bro

    Item Trading

    So I was wondering, would a system where players can trade items with one another be a good feature to add to Wows? It doesn't have to be ships, it could just be small items like credits or flags or camo. Maybe items from the player's inventory. And perhaps the trading system could be limited to members of the same clan or just the player's friends. I dunno. What do you guys think?
  12. Glunt

    Ideas About Sea Creatures

    Hey good morning. I have some ideas/suggestions about improving the environment of the map like:- Adding sea creatures: dolphins, whales, shark, etc.- Adding movements like jumping dolphins, whales surfacing and breathing or shark's that swimming along the ships.It makes the seas more lively and looks even real.Just a reminder.. there's some history with shark attack.. yeah, USS Indianapolis.Thanks.
  13. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    T8 IJN DD Akizuki needs a buff

    I think the Akizuki needs a buff, compared to other DDs it is very slow with a top speed of 33knots and has a bad turning radius of 730 meters. It can no longer stealth fire and due to its gun caliber can only ever do minimal damage. I would suggest buffing it's speed or turning radius. Or perhaps even increasing its fire chance
  14. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    T8 IJN DD Akizuki needs a buff

    I think the Akizuki needs a buff, compared to other DDs it is very slow with a top speed of 33knots and has a bad turning radius of 730 meters. It can no longer stealth fire and due to its gun caliber can only ever do minimal damage. I would suggest buffing it's speed or turning radius. Or perhaps even increasing its fire chance Duplicate post. Thread locked. ~amade
  15. Illya_the_Radiant_Knight

    CoTE Suggestions

    This is a small suggestions The essence of CoTE is very good. But the way the player's coordination is really bad. I know it's too late to fix it. But next time you should calculate points by formula: --> Real (Team) points * (Bonus points) = Team points Bonus points: "Multiplier difference between two teams" (sorry, I can't express it correctly), bonus points only for team with fewer player EX: Team A have 400 player, Real (Team) points = 400 Team B have 200 player, Real (Team) points = 200 Multiplier difference between two teams = Number of players team A / Number of players team B = 400/200 = 2 So we will have: Team A points: 400 Team B points: 200 * 2 = 400
  16. 1. For the script bot player. How about set a in battle vote, if 3 player vote a player as bot, this player must pass some verify to begin next battle, like input some verify words, slider position check etc. 2. Add a notify icon on the ships in battle scene indicate the ship is still loading map or drop from network, so the teammate can change their tactics instead of curse the idle ship. 3. Make the aim circle useful in shift+x and ctrl+x mode, now in those 2 modes, the aim circle shows meaningless. 4. Change the speed number's color in UI when the ship on it's top speed at current [w]step.

    Suggestions for new port themes

    Hey guys I'm just suggesting a new port theme because I found a theme from a Japanese anime series called "Date a Live" and it sounded really empowering like it fits battleships of WWII. I know there is a feature that allows you to play your own music but mine is a bit broken because its not as loud as I would like it so I have to turn up the stereo to max in order to really hear anything, and yes my settings for Audio are all high and being that my stereo is actually a home theater it gets pretty loud when I exit the game and forget its on max then I go to play a video and end up making myself deaf (not literally but you get what I mean). But yea anyway back to the point this is a possible port theme I'd like to share with everyone and to those commenting if you have any possible port themes put them in I like to hear other peoples thoughts on these kinds of subjects.
  18. KongouHime

    Next premium ship

    With the famous battleship Scharnhorst will be appearing soon in the premium shop, let's just pray that WG will release other famous ships. What famous ships you think will be appearing as a premium ship? My choices: US CV-6 Enterprise, IJN CV Akagi/Kaga, and Italian battleship Littorio. I'll buy those ships at all costs!!
  19. NapoleonAK

    Server Status Indicator : Feature

    Please add a Permanent Server Status indicator to the Game launcher, so that players can know if there is any problem with the server i.e server is down for maintenance or Online Here is an example
  20. I recommend WG add a function to reply to individual posts. This will save space and add functionality to forums. As of current, if we wanted to reply to individual posts, we would have to quote it, using up a lot of space, then post it amongst a myriad of other posts. With the new design, it is possible for each post to have a "sub-thread" under it, in smaller text and textboxes semi-contained in the main box of the individual post. This way, all replies to a specific post will be listed with it, full listing able to be expanded upon request, while posts relating directly to the original thread topic will be posted normally in the main thread. An example of the superiority of this design is that it is possible to ban a sub-thread instead of the main thread if it is just a (personal) toxic argument polluting a main-thread. Allowing to select a "reply to [user]" function in form of "@[user]" will also help with the quoting and toxicity issues. Sub-thread replies will not allow editing unlike main-thread replies, for accountability issues. Then, building upon the first suggestion, to allow upvotes or downvotes be able to influence listing of posts. I am suggesting that we be allowed to filter post organization via "democratic" popularity as well as time. This way certain good posts will be able to be seen more easily. Listing via vote number is selectable for both main-thread posts and single post "sub-thread" replies. All voter names will be retrievable upon request for accountability issues.Also, to add a democratic tagging function to main threads. This is to make the tags actually mean something. A single person posting a thread can miss a lot of useable tags, or not be sure of tagging etiquette, or just can't be bothered. If we allow users to input tags, then also vote on what tags they think are a good fit for the current thread, then organize the tags to appear via coloring and sequential order at the tag spaces, with tags having more votes appearing first and deeper in color, then people will be able to see easily what is being relevantly discussed in that thread. Tag searching will then also be meaningful. This will make forums much more informative, constructive and interesting and possibly entice more people to engage in positive forum activity. It may also be possible to enable internal linking (such as to a local WoWs wiki, for key words and concepts, even user-created words such as tactic descriptions) for key words by building upon democratic voting and tagging of important words to their source, or just descriptions. Over-word hovering then seeing relevant comments/poster-links via cursorside box (like an automatic right-click) can also be an option. In time, it may be possible to allow democratic linking and tagging of content, both official or not, between main-threads, forums, or even regions (with translation options).As well, democratic reporting functions within the forums may allow for functions such as democratic vote-based anti-spam/toxicity disciplinary actions (autonomous to users, but info requestable by wg staff for accountability issues), as a potential massive influx of players may overwhelm the number of moderators so they cannot personally address every issue upon first report. In the future, functions such as integrated multimedia-support features, tools and interface organization for forums, so that the forums are not just a text-based user space. Expansions include optimized display modes and post content organizing structures for replays, custom-games, mod listing, tournaments, clans, documents and data organizing, offline wg/clan events, official merchandising, supportive links to other real-world organisations and related content, streaming, social media, stats, ratings and reviews, and much more. Futuristic functions such as algorithmic organizing of forums based on data analytics on the whole of information submitted, such as by all-time popular, discussions on recent changes (such as by patch), active topics and ideas, all presented via intuitional interface, such as snapshots/key quotes in mosaic/shutter interface, and maybe even organized by user-preference or personally interested topics. Automated categorizing of forum content may eventually be possible.Thus personalization of forum experience via structural changes also include possibility of a personal centre or homepage, where one views their content subscriptions, forum activity, messaging and alerts, personal content {such as replays}, merchandising, rankings, blogs and social-media linking, etc. and much more to support, as needed, additions of stuff in the future. Personalization also include signature/avatar support, forum wallpapers and themes, etc. Rare prizes, achievements, links to in-game etc. may also be represented by "limited edition" avatar frames, etc. Eventually this is to foster a user-based forum maintenance structure. Organized user activity and algorithms will be able to take a load off WG staff by helping to maintain forums. Users will help monitor discipline, organize content, foster communication between regions, etc. and make the forums much more organic. For example, main-thread posters will help maintain quality and do slight moderations of their own threads. In the end, I would like to say that improvements can be sought from many places. Go to news and social-media websites and see how they handle information analytics and organising. Go to e-commerce websites to see how they handle merchandising. Go to entertainment websites and see how they handle features. Go to other forums and see the best of their forums. Best regards and good luck. You should probably hire a professional to be doing all this. Eventually working on larger redesign/overhaul ideas which I will present to WG myself in the future. From KarmaQU-EU and OMNI-WS, with regards.
  21. Ryusuke_ShireiKan

    Binocular view or cockpit view in cv

    as the title said, can't we have a cockpit view or binocular view when using a squadron at max middle mouse scroll up? it will looks very awesome when engaging a plane or attacking a ship! XD
  22. One of the reasons I enjoy playing WoWS is the historical element. Ships are carefully and accurately detailed, ship histories are there for those to read and its obvious time has been taken to "get historically accurate". But one area where this lacks is the type of battles available. Naval history has plenty of events which could be used as a game mode but the game has only the standard FPS style capture the flags/hold the point type battles. here are some of my suggestions for some variations on the battle types (all are based on battles that happened in the Pacific in WW2). Convoy/The Tokyo Express - One side has to escort ships into the battle zone. The other side has to stop them. Points are given for each transport destroyed or delivered. Decoy/Breakout - one side has to reach a certain point on the map unknown to the other side (ie take and hold) while the other side has to stop them. Find the Carrier - Both sides have to seek out and destroy the other sides carrier. Each side has to defend their carriers. Full victory can only come from taking out both carriers on the enemy team. Night Fight - Teams fight at night in reduced visibility. one side is restricted to destroyers and cruisers while the other side cruisers and Battleships. Starting points on map are random Carrier Battle Delux - 4 carriers per side, no BBs. Only DDs and CAs as support. Sink the Yamato - Top tier BB is the target for one team. Rest of the team has to protect until a designated exit point on the map appears. All of these require a bit more than just taking and holding a point or sinking all the enemy ships. They require some tactical thinking and mirror some of the naval fighting in WW2. If these kind of modes were available I would play WoWS all day long.
  23. matthew41796

    Ship Naming

    Should War Gaming give us the chance to name our newly bought ships? After all, the ships themselves have a character of their own and it makes for some interesting rivalries in the game
  24. Brizone

    My Suggestions for WoWS

    Hello fellow sailors! this is my first time posting on the WoWS forum OK I've been anticipating this game ever since.. well beyond 2010, where i first played an online, 2D, top-down-view warship game *cough*. This game has almost all the feature that game didn't has. Most notably the MUCH improved graphics and of course, 3D. However, this game still left many things which could make it the best warship MMO game ever (obviously since it's still closed beta). And no, I'm not talking about removing health bars. Here comes my suggestions for WoWS, do note that some of the suggestions might have already be mentioned by someone, in that case i beg for forgiveness DYNAMIC WEATHER (OR JUST WEATHER :\) Rain, Thunderstorms, Lightnings, Fogs, and especially Stormy Seas, all adds to more authentic naval battle experience. There's nothing more satisfying than watching your warship shakes, facing incoming violent wakes as it engages incoming hostile ships. Changing weather is also a nice thing to have, but most low-end computers probably won't be able to take it.. Too many people are against this idea . I think it won't affect FPS that much, as most recent PCs or even notebooks can handle it pretty well at medium graphics, and as for connection, a 512 kbps wired connection, or a 4G WiFi which is pretty common nowadays could probably take it. But let's scratch that off for now until devs could configure a better coding.. CONTROLS FOR SCOUTS Scouts are meant for one thing, to scout enemy formations or spot incoming airplanes. Now we all get grade F clueless scouts with a weird hobby to circle around your ships randomly and not listening to captain's orders. Please enable controls for our scouts. NIGHT-TIME BATTLES Some engagements back in WW2 do occurs in nighttime. Take example of night raids done by the Luftwaffe, or even better, the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor was prepared in the night, and launched in the early morning. On nighttime battles, ships and airplanes have reduced visibility to make attacks have surprises on its factor, and to make engagements more challenging. HYBRID SHIPS Hybrid ships, such as Ooyodo CV, Ise CV, Seydlitz CV, Furious CV, are [prototype] ships with both big guns and attack planes. Seems overpowered? They requires a lot of multi-tasking only a handful of people are able to perform, cause even though they have bombers, they are in limited quantity, and they also have reduced number of main batteries which only could do full broadside at odd angles. These ships adds dynamism to the game and are a nice thing to have. ADD SUBMARINES TO THE GAME Many people immediately scratch this idea. Submarines might not be as OP as you might think. We already have destroyers which is capable of sonar detection and launching depth chargers, so submarine role is pretty much limited for the sinking of enemy flagships and carriers. And even then I'm not so sure if they could carry out that role :\ Played Silent Hunter games several years back and noticed subs were intended for independent operations.. SHIP CUSTOMIZATION This is a nice feature to have and should be implemented, some ships back in WW2 have had the same hull, but different armament and armor configuration for different purposes (For example, Yamato in her early 1941 configuration and late 1945 configuration with decreased secondary battery and increased AA firepower). Some destroyers back then have had their main armament replaced with hedgehogs ASW for engaging subs. HIDE HEALTH BARS FROM ENEMIES And replace them with visual, observable damage. The reason being, to add realism *cough* to the game and to reduce the "kill-steal" or "aiming for the final hit" phenomenon (also quite possibly teh prevention of getting graped ) that occurs almost every time especially with those pesky rapid-fire cruisers on my BB (and any other ships for that matter). ABILITY TO NAME OUR SHIPS Adds a sense of ownership to our... ships. A-anyway, also a nice thing to have! ADD THE AMOUNT OF REWARDS AFTER BATTLE This game has a lot, lot longer battle duration compared to World of Tanks or World of Warplanes. And on some of those battles we simply almost didn't do anything due to either bad luck, bad route planning (especially BBs), bad team coordination etc etc. Increasing rewards after battle a bit will certainly bring tears of joy especially to some of us who just didn't have that much free time (college boys unite!). INCREASE "STANDARD BATTLE" DURATION Let's just be honest here. All of our draws are the result of the shooort duration for standard battle in random battles. That 15 minutes is just not enough considering the size of the map and the sluggishness of our ships. We all know destroyers can take points and capture bases easily with its speed, maneuverability, and of course the dreaded smoke screen. We also know that they don't last that long well, at least most of them anyways. Increasing the battle duration to 20 minutes wouldn't hurt, when it works in tandem with the reward increase. The team needs to increase the aggro it seems.. REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF ISLANDS ON SOME MAPS As a BB user, i feel the island on some maps is just overwhelming (damn you Islands of Ice T.,T), it hinders the movement of the ultra-sluggish BBs (even with the rudder upgrade it's still not helping). some islands are also too tall, that the cruisers become OP and could sneak on you and fire a massive, rapid-fire broadside which guarantees you'll get burned to death, unless, by some kind of divine intervention, you could land a citadel hit and detonate them. INCREASE MUZZLE VELOCITY A BIT Especially on large-caliber guns capable of travelling over 18 km. Seriously I've almost never hit anything beyond that (the furthest hit I've scored is a single, 19.28 km hit on a BB IIRC). The ships movement are just too unpredictable, and nobody keeps travelling on a straight line. I know large guns were never meant to engage destroyers that far, but we should be able to hit, or land close hits on cruisers and battleships. I mean, WW2 ship battles were performed mostly at 18+ km range (see Battle of Denmark Strait) so increasing the muzzle velocity a bit won't break the game, right? I'm not an Alpha player so i didn't know shells would take 30 seconds to travel 10 km... dayum. IMPROVE MATCHMAKING This. Almost every game I've lost is due to the enemy team have more CVs or BBs, or more powerful CAs than ours. This could be fixed by just classifying the ships of the same type and tier (no matter what nation), or at least close to it. I know we're still short on players for it to be balanced, but at least that small amount of players can have a good time . I'm sure the devs would work this around in the future :\ DISABLE TROLL DIVISIONS A tier 10 Yamato pairs up with a tier 1 Katori. Makes sense? These kind of divisions shouldn't be able to join any game.. NERF TORPEDO BOMBERS And buff dive bombers a bit. Seriously, a fire initiated by dive bombers could be put out rather easily by a repair team (even more so when your commander is skilled enough) and that is, IF they managed to hit (I've been in games where my CL is dive bombed with all bombs fell into the ocean, and i didn't even move!), whereas torpedo bombers "bombs" always hurts freaking bad, no matter your commander skill or your repair team readiness, and no matter how tough your ships are. UNIQUE SHIPYARD FOR EACH NATION Not exactly my original idea, but a nice thing to have. No need to be overly detailed, just a simple shipyard for each nation will do (US Navy in Pearl Harbor, Kriegsmarine in Hamburg, IJN in Kure, for example). DISABLE AIM-ASSIST MODS Yeah, I've seen this mods online. Really ruins the point of maneuvering. Why not disable the mods for the targetting altogether? And limit the mods to ship skins and scopes only? Didn't know it was disabled three patches ago, thx Syanda. FIX COLORADO This specific ship is broken alright. Weaker armor and Lower combat capability than New Mexico, Guns which have bad spread coupled with its small numbers, quite the large silhouette, can't even stand on equal ground with Nagato. Hell, I've lost a broadside duel with a Kongo (yes, she landed TWO CITADEL HITS and destroyed one of my turret), but the thing i fear the most, is Cleveland, with its fire-making capability on my deck. Either move this thing down a tier, or have her combat capability buffed.. whatever, just don't leave her to rot . DON'T SPLIT SHIPS IN DIVISIONS TOO FAR OUT (added) It happens many times, me and my division mate gets split up by the stupid matchmaker, and not just by bit, on Encounter Battles we literally being split across the damned map, and even on Standard Battles or Domination we often gets split up almost every. friggin'. time. HISTORICAL BATTLES (thanks Windforce!) Yes this is also a very nice thing to have. The invasion of Iwo Jima, Denmark Strait, Guadalcanal, etc. were some of the greatest naval battles in history and we don't mind having them . Please feel free to add constructive criticism, or even add your own suggestions! Let's improve this game