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Found 6 results

  1. We got subs, we got assymetric battles and we got convoy. So when are we going to get the Wolfpack game mode which will combine all 3 of them into 1 mode? I'm guessing the mode will be like 9 subs vs 5 DD/cruiser type ships escorting the convoy. I'm also guessing the game mode will be at T6 to give the subs a slightly better chance. Any guesses anyone?
  2. I wrote this to address a lot of concern from players who haven't learnt how to play or adapt to submarines, or haven't played them at all at this stage, and are concerned that subs can't be balanced. Has anyone noticed that some of the "OP" things a submarine can achieve are the same as what BBs and DDs can manage? A broadside BB getting dev struck in one salvo is also something that happens from a single salvo of DD torps or BB shells. A DD can run and hide just like a sub can, albeit faster than a sub, and can race around to the caps far better than any sub could? Stop getting on the hype train and play both sides, and find out how it feels before you jump aboard and toot away without any real self assessment. I took a div with Sub, DD, and BB and the BB and DD had no problem surviving and doing just as well as the subs by using the hacks known as "playing well" "WASD" and "teamwork". If anything the addition of subs IMHO has made the game more focused on teamwork and good play instead of everyone wanting to be their own solo warrior. Some of the more unique plays subs can make can easily be countered if you take the time to learn and adapt. I see too many people rushing directly at a sub going "must depth charge" while not shooting their guns (which do a lot of damage to the weak sub) and then wonder how that sub managed to torp them with it's BOW mounted torpedoes. Also you can quite easily dodge the homing torpedoes if you work on your technique and use left and right movement in combination with diving and rising. Experience it for yourself, show both sides of play and then make an assessment that is based on how it goes rather than objectively finding ways to make subs "OP" just because you don't want them in game. Also, in regards to making DD lives so much harder, have you ever thought that for every spot that a submarine takes up on the team, that's one less slot for a BB or a cruiser that might have radar etc? Because up to three less cruisers or BBs certainly makes DD play a lot easier when you have less surface ships to deal with. Lastly, shame on these youtubers/streamers for showing such a biased and objective viewpoint of subs and selectively picking and choosing points to try and push their agenda/view. If you're reviewing something WG are trying to add or change, do it without your own prejudice and show the whole story rather than just the parts that make your own opinion come to life. In conclusion, submarines IMHO certainly can and are well on the way to being balanced in game, and I really hope to see them in the main game as part of random, ranked and clan battles. Take the time to play all the ship classes yourself and make an educated assessment. If you get killed by a submarine, instead of calling them straight OP, ask questions like: was I out of position? Did I go out by myself with no support? Was I outplayed? How can I learn from this? I hope this finds you all in good health, good luck and good hunting all. Sebdspy
  3. Ranork

    Sub Test Iteration 3

    Well firstly WG let me list the thinks I like in the latest sub test: 1. Graphics and modelling of sub and underwater terrain and Hydro acoustic ping, 2. Removal of Oxygen being replaced with Batteries. What I do not like: 1. Submarines outclass every other type of ship, 2. The Submarine cannot surface and remains impossible to hit at periscope depth, 3. They keep DD's spotted at all times even in smoke, 4. They travel faster underwater than on the surface, 5. As a surface ship if you are lucky and have HE you have very little to aim at when they are at periscope depth, 6. If you are a Heavy Cruiser or BB you cannot counter a sub, 7. British cruisers and Italian cruiser will become even worse with only access to AP and SAP that cannot hit let alone damage a sub, 8. The ping lock on to any ship is easy and the homing torpedoes that bypass torpedo protection and citadel the unfortunate target is doomed, 9. Battery lasts too long and recharges too fast, 10. Torpedoes do way too much damage, 11. DD's have enough to contend with already dodging CV's the sub's just make them unplayable, 12. Combine subs with CV's and every ship will clump together and just camp, 13. The surface ship has no indication that 1 or both pings have locked onto them so torpedo avoidance is difficult, 14. Once a sub maintains a ping the torpedoes can turn very quickly and unbelievably fast and are almost unavoidable In summary the SUB's will break the game if they are introduced as is, more so than CV's ever did.
  4. Mr_Good_Citizen


    For a long time I have been playing this game sporadically, and I logged on the other night to play. And what do i find?..Something WG said they would never ever introduce into the game. They said it repeatedly...No subs. But yet, there they are...steampunk ones at that... Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
  5. PanzerRunner

    Submarines Are Coming

    Yes they are coming for real and fresh. I dont know if this is a good news or bad news for you, share it down below! Remember that guy who wants submarines to be added into the game? His/her wish is about to came true. I will clarify some things or two : First off, they are adding Submarines for the halloween special event, i still dont know if Submarines will stay as a permanent line or not. Second of all, they are still WORK IN PROGRESS so expect some changes, nerfs and buffs. I said theres a chance subs will stay as a permanent line because they always used the Halloween and April fools event to test new mechanics / gameplays. Last but not least, to balance things out, Subs will have a different spotting mechanics underwater compared to spotting mechanics at the surfaces (obviously) Lets hope when it arrive it will be "balanced" as much as possible, im worried And yes, DD will play a role encountering these Submarines. So we can basically sums up that in 2019 there will be two new lines, the Submarines line and the reworked CV line. The reworked CV line is basically just a new class. For more informations, gameplays and opinion you can click the video down below :
  6. Arpeggio_of_Black_Dragon