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Found 9 results

  1. Commander_GALEN

    Can't dive in Terror of the Deep

    1. Description Selowe can't dive underwater 2. Reproduction steps A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug. 1. undive 2. dive 3. can't undive 3. Result In-game experience resulting from the bug. Example: When pressing C, submarine won't dive but the bottom C is moving when clicking. Its like its stuck. the arrow won't go down when pressing C but the Icon "C" is moving. 4. Expected result - 5. Technical details After checking in replay file. I forgot to enable wows replay again, didn't know it was reset after Halloween update.
  2. derpcargoship


    Welcome 'Russianbias', the famous 'Aquafarmer'. This one made me laugh quite a bit. That's a really small submarine though... And a surface detect of 2.0km? (The snowman-crew manning the AA gun is a nice touch, although it's not Christmas)
  3. 発生現象:読み込みのアイコンが中央に出現し、選択ができなくなる。 発生日時:2017/3/30 JP AM10:30 PCスペック CPU: I5-4210M メモリ: DDR3 8GB  グラフィック:内臓ビデオインテル6200 詳細 エイプリルフール限定の潜水艦を選択した状況で分艦隊を編成した所、そのまま読み込みが始まり、他の艦を選択できなくなりました。 分艦隊へメッセージは遅れますが、分艦隊の除隊、解散もできません。 タスクを切ってもう一度ソフトを起動しましたが状況は変わらず。 艦のアイコン上にマウスを置いて、右クリックでメイン艦艇の変更を試みましたが失敗しました。 解決方法が今のところ見当たらないので早急なパッチをよろしくお願いします。 追記、現状分艦隊の放置による除隊が唯一の方法です。
  4. A Surprise Gift April Fools' Day is a holiday celebrated in many places around the world. There's no way we could go without celebrating that, so we'll be offering you an unusual gift! You'll find it in the Port immediately after the update is released. All players who enter the game during the week immediately following the release of Update 0.6.3 will receive a unique gift: a Shchuka-class submarine with a Commander. - The submarine may not be sold but may be hidden away in the Port by applying filters. - Players will not be able to enter battle in any mode with the submarine. - It is impossible to dismiss the existing Commander or recruit a new one for the submarine. The Commander that will be added to the player's account along with the submarine will be removed with it too. It will be impossible to level up or retrain the Commander. - It will be impossible to mount camouflages, upgrades or consumables but signals and flags will be allowed. When the submarine is removed from a player's account, all flags and signals taken off it will be transferred to the player's Inventory. - The armour layout will not be available. With the release of the update following 0.6.3, the submarine will be removed along with its Commander, but the port slot will be available for use by the player even after the event. So what exactly is the point of this thing? I hope there will eventually be a mode where we can use the sub.
  5. now i found out why we havent got the submarine line..... it navigation was lost and cant found the right path.......
  6. Kleiss

    submarine confirmed

    get this skill no matter what. it saved this person's ass.
  7. Japanese videogame magazine Famitsu has published on their website an interview with Ivan Moroz, who is the global director of the WoWS development team at Wargaming Saint Petersburg. As of the OBT, approximately 85% of core game development is complete On the Asia server, the pre-order packages were mostly purchased by Japanese players During early alpha testing, developers noticed that players got bored after 20 or 30 battles, which made them shorten the duration of each battle to 20 minutes (they were longer before). After the premium ships for USSR, Germany and UK roll out, the tech trees will be released. The developers plan on splitting cruiser classes into CL and CA, in addition to separate branches for battleships equipped with torpedoes. Submarines aren't completely ruled out of the game, though they are still in preliminary brainstorming stages. After formal release (i.e. upon completion of OBT). there are plans to introduce weather effects and night battles. Such effects include wind, waves, storm and fog. The developers are considering releases on other platforms, such as Xbox and mobile devices. They are hoping to be able to introduce promotional skins, ships and characters for the Arpeggio collaboration. Premium time and gold/doubloons will be shared across the player's unified account. They are considering the possibility of tournaments and e-sports. Destroyed ships are due to feature effects such as pieces falling off.
  8. CrossHares


    So would Submarines and U-Boats be too complicated and unbalance the game too much if they were included as a new type of vessel?
  9. imastermike

    [Game Mode] Submarine Game Mode.

    My fan made U-boat/submarine game mode As we all know, submarine will not be added to World of Warships and has not been added since they're too OP so World of warship is like NO! SUBMARINE and I know that all of us wanted to see submarine in the game. Ladies and gentlement, gays and lesbians, I present to you: I hope you guys enjoy this fan made game mode, please do share it and support it and hopefully the wargaming team would notice it and it would be a real game mode