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Found 10 results

  1. GreenCatcher

    Stuck at the Battle Loading Screen

    [BAD-ENGLISH] While i was playing WoW ASIA, I was trying to join a Random Battle Matchmaking... I got a lil' bit annoyed because of the Loading got stuck. I can even see the "Real-time" statistic (How many enemy/ally ships got sunked) in the Loading screen. I have waited for over 3+ Minutes but yet it haven't finished loading. After waiting about 4 minutes the game suddenly freezed. When i try to click (on something), The screen suddenly becomes "Unresponsive/white". It already happened twice today, I (My Ship) have lost several Signals and Upgrades. And, I have never ever experienced this issue before. Also, I did not installs any mods in the game... Do you mates have any idea how do i fix this issue?
  2. PbKavarovsky

    Island Stuck in Haven

    Seriously WG has to get these issues fixed, if it wasn't for this ridiculous jam, I could have survived. No real reason to be stuck here.
  3. Loshirai14

    black screen after pressing PLAY

    Game is stuck after pressing PLAY in the launcher. The process stops responding and just shows a black window. The game was working a week ago. I uninstalled it a few days ago and reinstalled it today. already tried check and repair
  4. SecretIdentity

    Atago Perma Stuck on a rock.

    Well, as the title suggests. My atago got permanently stuck on a rock with no way of getting out. How to reproduce? 1) Use your atago (not sure with other ships) 2) Get on the map Neighbors. 3) Get to this spot on the map 4) Right before you hit the island head on, make a hard turn so your ship slides towards the rocks. 5) Well.. get stuck... Normally, when you get stuck broadside on an island, you just have to move fowards or backwards to get out. However, this does not work in this case. I tried moving back and forth for over 5 minutes, no results. Just in case this is needed, I have no mods running. My assumption is that the ship slid towards the rocks too quickly and partially clipped into the rocks. This occurred around 12:20 PM Malaysian time. Here is a clip of me just moving back and forth with no hope of escaping... Sorry about the quality, I was in a hurry. Here are the devil rocks.. Thanks for your time! :) -SecretIdentity
  5. anonym_2EFpjvgfY2gu

    Ships stuck on rocks

    3 times, twice in game and once on PTS, my ship (dd's) has hit an island and gotten stuck. It will move slightly forward and move slightly back but no matter what I do with speed and rudder, it will not dislodge (10 minutes trying ! ). It's the end of my game. The ships have been sideways to the island, never 'bow to' or 'stern to'. Is this a "run aground" feature? 'cause I'm not prepared to just sit out the game, I will flee the game. Pics from latest (in PTS).
  6. Hey Bug hunters, While playing a round of Operation Killer Whale, I found a place in the map where it appears you get stuck and can not manoeuvre out of it OS: dual boot Linux (primary), windows ("gaming") Client type: Wargaming (not steam) Installation type: Wargaming (not installed in steam or by steam) Ship used: HMS Gallant Game mode: Operation of the Week: Killer Whale Date: 21 January 2018 Time: 1514 hours Mechanics of getting stuck: At the early stages of the game, all was going well, I popped smoke for team mates to creep through the F4 grid square and sneak up on the destroyer and cruiser in that vicinity. I came through F4 hugging the island in the F4, E5 corner just below the gun fort; I then popped smoke and pulled hard right to form a U shape smoke cloud. After creating this U shape, I came out of the hard right turn hugging the beach of the island in the F4 corner with the southern most gun fort. As I was running towards the corner of F4 and F3 I got an abrupt and fleeting message saying collision and then I was pulled into the rocks and beach adjacent to the gun fort. I then spent the rest of the game attempting to manoeuvre out using a combination of forward, reverse, reverse hard left/right and forward hard right/left to get out. When going full forward and full reverse, it would do maybe 2 knots at most and then get stuck; so slowly and painstakingly I managed to get about a 45 degree incline to the beach, but it was still stuck and was not getting free. A point to note; that once I got to a 45 degree incline to the beach; I would get pushed back on the beach if I tried to manoeuvre again, so I simply kept the 45 degree angle and hoped the team I was playing with empathised with me and my plight. Another point to note: when stuck, the enemy spawns ignored me and I was free to engage despite the nearest friendly at that time was on the extraction point. In my opinion this sticky point could be used as an exploit. Pics of my ship stuck and subsequent screenshots of me trying to manoeuvre out (note: I was still stuck even at the end of match) attached.
  7. Honeywell

    stuck at first loading

    -Issue: stuck at first loading after launcher Screenshots: screenshot attachedShip: -Map: -Occurrences: everytimeTested: everytimeSeverity: it stop me from playingDetails: i have no mod, my driver,vc++,directx is uptodate, try to delete preference.xml, problem still there, already check and repair game integrity twice, problem still there i had update this morning (17 nov 2016), problem still there, wows cpu usage at 35%-40%, ram used 279mb my laptop spec : -i7-4710mq @2.5ghz -ram 16gb -64bit win8 -put the game on ssd do you guys has solution?
  8. My Kawachi has been stuck in battle for around 3 hours, i want to continue playing it is there any way i can fix it?
  9. ive been waiting for hours and still.. my ship is in the battle.. before the scenario. i put the ship in battle.. when the battle starts,it goes. then suddenly.. black screen. then the game disconnected on its own.. then i relog in again, play another ship, wait it to come back. then. still. nothing is coming back. even a piece of metal....
  10. izanagi59

    Hang in a sec

    This is always happening when i'm playing the game. At least 1-1,5 hours after playing the game it got hang but only in a sec. It didn't happen in the weekend test. It is really annoying. Someone know what should i do??? For my PC spec, you can see below my comment.