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Found 1 result

  1. These days these days. Fuso has been underwhelming. Seriously though I can't cope with the dispersion of this thing. Why would WG add in 21.8 km to this thing while it has 1.5 sigma? and 1.5 sigma is the worst. 28 seconds is not enough. AA is meh (based on Notser). And citadel is very vulnerable. I mean how did you bring all your guns while you have to tank some damage and having the worst dispersion? And one more. Her concealment is utterly garbage. It's so bad that the Wiki doesn't recommend me to use CE. Moreover CV is a big big problems. Why? Because they can detect you before enemy ships. And if the enemy BB is firing at me i'm screwed. Yes I know I have that insane range but again aiming at that distance is not ideal. Whenever i see a a bow in or angled target. It always inconsistent. And searching a broadsiding target is so hard because my allies always steal my kills. I played in Co-op and ever got citadeled by a North Carolina that is far far away. If bots could do something like that then why did you said "Co-op battle only require small efforts." My fear of being a battleship is getting Not contributing or useless. And it always like that whenever i used a slow inconsistent and vulnerable BBs. And just stop discussing about RNG. It makes me an apostate. If Fuso can be as aggressive as Bayern, I could've admire her. I also need some guide on how to shoot from far away because the majority of videos in You tube only showing on how to shoot a broadside target and most of them are outdated. Now I need to know on how to shoot a bow in or angled and approaching target from moderate to far range. And don't just write wall of text. I need some image if you can explain with that.