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Found 1 result

  1. You'd be surprised - or perhaps not - that even in high tier games DDs still manage to get themselves killed in the first 6 minutes, not surviving the first encounter. Let me give you some valuable advice: [F9] GET BACK! Some times, given the right ship (German) and right conditions (no CV), popping the speed boost and driving right in to the cap at the start of the match is the right move. Almost every other time, it isn't. No matter how bad a DD player you are, your sorry behind is worth more to your team alive than dead. One thing that surprises me at least is the number of DD players who do not change their opening moves if there is an enemy CV (or 2), sailing off gallantly to the front to spot for their team, who, you know, have no need of it. They then get spotted and lose half their health to the CV rocket planes. Learn to read the CV. They almost always do the same thing: the deep sweep first over the enemy fleet, then they'll spend the next half of the game picking off the weakest link. So make sure this isn't you. Stick with the fleet, preferably close to an AA cruiser, until the intial sweeps subside. Same deal with radar, especially 12 km radar. Think of it from the point of view of the enemy cruiser. Make it that for them to get close enough to you to hit you with radar, they will have to put themselves into far too much danger for it to be worth their while. If that means not contesting the cap, don't contest the cap. Wait it out. I want to share with you two tips I've recently learned that can be quite effective. 1. Don't double-back. The DDs biggest strength is concealment, but concealment is no use if the enemy already knows where you are. Whenever you get detected, and choose to disengage, don't double back the moment you get undetected. Especially with a CV in play. 90% chance he's sending planes to your last known position. Don't go back to the exact same spot he thinks you are. Spend a couple of minutes retreating deep into your own lines, take a breather, and reposition up to a new battlefront. Going to somewhere they don't expect you will usually pay you back way more than the time lost in moving across the map. 2. Support a BB. Some BBs push too early, some BBs never push at all, but when you see a BB who is pushing deep with an intelligently timed advance, supported by friendly cruisers, you want to support that BB, hard. Stop whatever you are doing, drive back and put yourself a couple of km in front of him, to spot enemy torps, and smoke up a emergency retreat if necessary. This position usually presents some good situational opportunities if any enemy ships push up to challenge. Obviously some DDs are better in this role than others, German and US lines especially good, but with adjustments to the exact positioning, the principle is general. 3. T-61 is a great DD. Probably the most fun, and the most comfortable, of low-tier DDs I've played. I know, she's a gold ship, but if you have the money you won't regret the purchase. Thank me later...