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Found 3 results

  1. i just got hiryu and i want to grind for Shokaku but i cant win Saipan. A lot of player report me because do nothing. i need to play PVE for grind ? or what i should do.
  2. I have only gone through 40+ ships and more still to come Of all the ships I grinded, The Colorado and Pensacola has got be the worst Stock Hull Ships that I felt I've struggled with probably because these two are my first two line and I was in my noobs days They were among the slowest stock hull, never again has I ever struggled with stock hull like these two They were quite good and enjoyable after upgrade, but their stock we're simply terrible Oh, and I have freexp fuso's A hull in accordance to flamu What about you guys, which stock ships that still give you nightmares?
  3. Since I do not really bother myself with the use of fighters, I've never gotten myself the Type6 mod. 3 and Mitsubishi A5M2 on my T6 Ryujo. So I was just wondering if I were to unlock/upgrade the T7 Hiryu (after getting the Hull Ryujo (B) and Ryujo © that is), will I get the Mitsubishi A5M2 for 'free' on my T6 Ryujo since Mitsubishi A5M2 is the stock fighters and having learned the T7 Hiryu, wouldn't it make sense?