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Found 6 results

  1. SgtSullyNZ

    Tier IX USS Vallejo

    at 22,000 steel this is a steal. Or is it? The game will not let me purchase the ship, did Weegee make a mistake? Should it be much more Steel? I have raised a Ticket, just wondering if anyone else has a similar issue? I believe I have seen a couple in Coop matches, but unsure if they are Super Testers etc. Will try again after rebooting client
  2. Storm_Khan

    What steel ship to get?

    OK, getting close to coupon refresh time again in a couple of weeks. Saved enough to get any of the steel ships currently on offer using the coupon. Which one to get? Advice being sought. Only one I'm not thinking of getting is FDR since I'm not a big CV player. Which would you get and why?
  3. Thyaliad

    Thoughts on the Somers?

    Since it is going away soon, I was wondering if it was worth picking up. On first glance, the Somers seems to be an American Shimakaze, which I quite enjoy playing. Or should I use my steel to get an FDR or Shikishima? Not really interested in the gameplay of the other Steel ships.
  4. Ok, so, unless you put in a bunch of time and/or money (not b***** likely), there will be a lot of people with an incomplete Puerto Rico in the dockyard at the end of the event. So what happens to the uncompleted ship? Well, there have been many ships built in the past which have never been completed. Some get converted into other ships, though others get scrapped. So yes, Puerto Rico will be scrapped, therefore, logically, we should all get the steel (or credit) value of the scrap. Yep. Incomplete ship gets scrapped, doesn’t make sense to just disappear, all that metal needs to go somewhere, so we should all get steel based on how far along in the build we are. Completely Logical and even Historical. I’ll take my steel thanks WG
  5. UPDATED FOR STAGE III. First thing first, make sure you have read this portal article: http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/specials-and-events/wows_arpeggio_collab4/ TL;DR MOST IMPORTANT STEP: 1. Make sure you have the Yokosuka Port as your active port. This can be done but clicking on the Anchor button above your mission panel. Pictures: Other things to factors consider: For those of you who completed the Set of 4 missions make sure that: You actually completed the mission. Sometimes you might think you've completed the mission cause the bar looks full just double check to be sure and sometimes it might require an additional match to register. Check that your port carousel isn't hiding it via some filters. CHECK THAT YOU HAVE THE YOKOSUKA PORT ACTIVE. Warning: Missions are available for Account Level 10 and up. ARPEGGIO ships cannot be sold. Currently known Bugs/issues: Stage II | Maybe fixed/no longer relevant. Note: The distribution of rewards for new players has been postponed due to technical difficulties. We will get back to you as soon as we have the details. [uPDATED]
  6. Kleiss

    submarine confirmed

    get this skill no matter what. it saved this person's ass.