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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! My gf installed WOWS via Steam with her account, I did it using the Wargaming Center and my account. We both did it on the same computer. Now I´m wondering if there is e legal way to use both accounts with ONE of the installations to free valuable disk space. TIA
  2. hi guys, I have been playing on linux,manjoro KDE plasma using the steam linux client,I have found it to work great very easy to install and play so very user friendly,like if I was on windows. Now for the down side not being able to use my WG account,I know it is possible to play games on steam having to use other game company accounts so I can't understand why WG have not done this.world of warplanes works great too but again both don't let us login with our WG accounts,there is no reason or excuse as to why WG have not made this possible.
  3. AnExtremelyWeakPlayer

    Transfering from Steam to Wargaming Center

    I have installed my game through Steam and registered by my Steam account. However it seems like that Steam client is not as stable as the one in Wargaming Center since It is sometimes difficult to start up. I wonder whether there is a method allowing me to use WGC instead of Steam to launch the game.
  4. anonym_fyX7JJJRnuRq


    剛剛發現了可以在steam上遊玩戰艦世界 但是我已經使用了戰遊網的客戶端使用了1個月 我現在是想 在steam上遊玩戰艦世界並使用我的google的賬號 都找不到辦法去解決 因為我想能用原本連接了google的賬號能夠在 steam上購物 難道我要在新賬號重新遊玩嗎? :(
  5. voidlotus

    WoW Default Vs WoW Steam

    I've been playing world of warship via Wargamming.net (default) before, then I decide to play again via Steam. The problem is, I can't import/link my old account with steam. I play on the same server as the old one (Asia). They should have the same server, the difference is the client. Is there any solution? Thanks in advance.
  6. steam樱花剧情模式一直加载中,可以听见开炮声但一直在匹配画面,请解决。
  7. I have been playing world of warships before it was released on steam, and after the steam release, I have been using the steam client for the game since its faster and i prefer it. But for each game steam makes a new account for the user for that game and to disable this I have removed the steam.api file for this game so it wont do it and let me login to the game with my old WoWs account, and since currently there have been DLC releases for this game on steam which I'd like to buy for my wows account so would it be possible to link my WoWs account with my steam so I could buy those DLC's to use it in my WoWs account. Thanks
  8. Business6 talks about beginning aspects of the game, he pretty much covered everything, starting from invite links for goodies before starting account, the tutorial phases, game settings, service levels, upgrades, modules, signals, premium shop, gold conversion etc. I think this video will answer most of the questions new players have.