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Found 20 results

  1. こんにちわ! 昨年初旬頃よりWoWsのプレイヤー戦闘力を華麗に表示するWindowsアプリ「WoWs Battle Analyzer」を開発しておりましたが、せっかくなので公開させて頂ければと思います。 「WoWs Battle Analyzer」(以下WBA)はランダム戦やランク戦に参加した際、参加した敵・味方双方の性能や強さ・プレイヤーの戦績を技量として表示するアプリです。オススメポイントとしてはこんな感じです。 * 見た目がオシャレ! * 参加した艦艇+これまでの戦績からスコア(WBAスコアなんて言ってたりする)を算出。 * 1画面で戦績全体を見渡せます。 * レーダー搭載(可能)艦の警告、距離・有効時間が分かります。 * 各艦艇の(標準の)隠蔽距離を表示します。 * 大きなWBAスコアが出やすい空母を外して、通常艦艇のみでも比較出来ます。 * 各プレイヤーのバーをクリックすると、そのプレイヤーを総合スコアに含めたり除外したり出来ます。 * WBAスコア順にソートが出来ます。また艦種別に見やすくラインを表示します。 * 各項目にマウスを合わせるとバブルヒントで詳細を表示します。 * 明らかにヤバいユーザーやBOTの可能性があるユーザーを注意表示します。 * 所属しているクラン・役職と在籍人数を表示します。 * 保存したリプレイファイルを呼び出して解析をすることが出来ます。(各々の成績は現在のものなので注意。) * 日本語・英語表示に対応しています。 おかげさまで友人・知人の皆様にもテストをして頂いておりますが、半年以上のテストの結果、概ねアプリでの予測通りの勝敗となることが多いようです。また上記でも触れていますが、明らかに戦績や技量がヤバめなユーザーは早々に撃沈されるか、あさっての方向に行ってしまう事がほとんどです。 Windows用アプリになりまして、動作には他のSTATS系と同じくWG様の開発者アカウントが必要です。 (既に取得されている方は同じ開発者IDで大丈夫です。) ダウンロード・詳しいインストール方法は長くなりますので、こちらをご覧頂ければと思います。
  2. While in port the Azuma has no ship stats visable. And the armor is so weak the harrigumo can pen it with HE every shot.
  3. Since WG nerfed Emile Bertin I haven't had the heart to play that ship anymore. It's still strong, but it feels much more ordinary now. La Galissonnière OTOH has become much more interesting as it's the first ship of the MN CA line to get the new reload booster, and 4 charges no less. My opinion of the ship's fun factor has done a 180 turn, from extreme dislike to serious enjoyment. The torps are still silly (two!?), and the speed/handling/armor are okay-to-meh, but when taking on cruisers 1-on-1 you punch that boost consumable and the enemy ship simply dissolves. T7 .. no problem. If they didn't see you coming, chances are they are dead in the time it takes the boost to run out.
  4. My favourite detonation ship :- In my New Orleans :-
  5. WoWStats is a great site because it is brutally honest. I had this idea that I was pretty good in Furutaka. Numbers don't lie: I suck. And the reason I'm not as good as the BB/DD lines is equally obvious: I don't play them enough. So this week it's been as much CA games as I can stand, with DD/BB games only when my bruised ego can't take the punishment any longer. It's been quite a drubbing. Taking a break, I'd like to ask you guys a few things... First: Aoba "feels" much bigger, heavier, and more powerful than the upgraded Furutaka but looking at the specs it seems practically just a re-skin. +6% gun range, +3% health, 3 mm more bow armor. Armor, armament, and detection radius are almost identical. So, what makes Aoba a T6 ship? I don't get it. Second: does MM hate me? My win rate is tanking, even though I'm rarely in the bottom third of the leaderboard. It seems the better I play, the harder the enemy team gets and the more likely we are to lose. Also, I'm up-tiered T+2 way more than I used to. So, yeah .... have I angered the MM gods or is that how MM is supposed to work to keep up the "challenge"? (I suspect that since I'm doing relatively well with the BB games, MM is giving me a tough time in the CA games assuming my skill level is equal for all ship types ... does that make sense?) Third: How do you Aoba? DD support I think I have the right general idea, but BB escort I don't seem to be able to find any kind of groove. My play style can best be described as "taking long-distance potshots when I think I can get away with it". Do you position behind a BB to support, or in front? Any advice welcome.
  6. Pseudoscope

    % fire chance

    hi Devs, Just had a round in my Fletcher firing he. 143 hits and 3 fires. The stats say I have an 8% chance of setting a fire, why is it I only get a 2% chance? And yes I realise you have a stupid damage formula that takes into account a lot of factors other than just that. But what is the point of stating there is an 8% chance of a fire? This number means nothing and is miss leading. Also I realise that they might be running fire surpression but still these numbers are way off. Can we please get some meaningful stats? / reworks the %fire Regards Pseudo
  7. Based on Winrate Flint was not played that much which is why it's not on the list. Yellow ones are either premium, unique, reward or special ships. ARP Kongo is just a Kongo clone. If i reduce the min battles to 250, flint will be added and a lot more premium would take over. Edit: Based on Average Damage
  8. This is an extrapolation the point I made on the other stats thread: Win rate is directly correlated to number of players playing a particular ship and therefore cannot be used to directly compare ship's performance. Instead, here is a graph of Win Rate VS. number of players (data from SEA 1/28/17 last 2 months, taken from here. The shaded areas represent linear trend lines by class and is about +/- .75% WR wide considering RNG, this amount of variation should probably be ignored. Note that the line is much steeper for DDs than for other classes - this is probably an indication that DDs are more skill dependant. What can you say from this data? For example; Gearing has a 51.98% WR whereas Akatsuki has a 47.29% WR. However there are only around 1300 Gearing players VS. 5500 Akatsuki players. The graph suggests (it may not necessarily be the case), that if there were a similar number of Akatsuki players as Gearing players, WR would be very similar. I.E. Akatsuki's WR is lower, not because its much larger player base is on average, much less skilled.
  9. Sorry, a noob qn: Is there any way to see how many battles had been fought in each individual ship? WOT has this, so I've been searching for it in WoWS... Afujintaro
  10. It was already released in the Chinese (mainland) server. Don't ask me why it is already out, the Chinese server sell anything (yeah they sell ALL the premium ships (Arkansas yubari iwaki , anything u can think of) Have 7 planes, but can only release one at a time. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Time for some basic review It's like your average Japanese cruiser, play style is similar to Myoko/Atago. I dont bother to post the stats cuz 1st of all its in chinese , 2nd u guys can use the extended tech tree mod to see that, besides I'm running on my 3G so I dont have much data. turning is kinda slow so is the time needed to reach top speed, turret transverse is okay, so basically for setups and captian skills just go what u use for Atago and Myoko. He doesn't feel as good as myoko, maybe its because of less turret? but shell dispersion is small, reload slightly faster than atago 15s, 15.3 km range HE 17% fire chance 3300 DMG, AP 4700 DMG, Also the turret firing angle is not bad at all despite been all situated at front. (actually i cant help but feel that its better than atago's) The catapult fighter is good. ( well u can only release one at a time not sure if WG will ever buff it more. AA is slightly better than atago. top speed 35.5 same as atago) each side 6 torps which is slightly inferior to other IJN cruisers, 10 km 62 knots, type 90 mod 1 Detection range 12.2 km citadel armour is 100-175mm so kinda good, can deflect 36.5cm guns on kongo and fuso ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall Not worth it for a Tier 7 premium CA, less turret than myoko and slightly better AA( but japanese AA is not good anyway, if u really want AA ship get atlanta). (The catapult fighter , unless reworked and can launch several ones at same time, is not anything good) Any questions feel free to ask me I will try to answer
  11. Firstly I don't actually care about stats. I just find this interesting So up until the last two nights, my win rate over last 60 days has been 55%+ 30 days was ~58% 7 days was 60% The last two days since the start of the x3, it has MASSIVELY dropped. So yeah, WoWS is pretty much the same as WoT - when there's x3 the scrubs come out to play. Seen more TKs in the last 48 than the rest of the year NB: I haven't been playing that great anyways - so that's a contributing factor... Kickback from forum users - ensue... /rant

    How well are you doing?

    Hi all, Without a comprehensive way to measure personal performance in relation to all other players etc besides looking at a player's stats via the website, does anyone have any indication or a breakdown of stats in relation to WR, Av AP and the like? What is considered a 'Unicum', versus a 'Above average" vs 'Good' vs 'Average' versus "below average' vs "Waaaaaay below average" If there is a way I cannot see can you point me in the right direction to have a look at this? Cheers
  13. NyanDora_Mech_Tank

    How to increase the winrate?

    Like the title, how to increase the winrate in WoWS? Honestly, i think it's really hard to get the winrate above 50% in WoWS. Unlike WoT where i can easily get 53% overall winrate at 15k battles, WoWS may have more unpredictable situations such as 1 CL and 1 Carrier can sunk enemies' 3 DDs and 2 BBs with full HP. More ships remain doesn't say anything about the battle's result, which is very different in WoT. Furthermore i think 20 minutes of battle time limit is still not enough, since many winning scenarios come to draw unfairly.
  14. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to announced the open beta release of https://warshipstats.com https://warshipstats.com is a free, player created World of Warships statistics, resources and tools website. The WarshipStats team is committed to bringing a valuable, functional tool to the Warships community. Please drop us a line if you have any suggestions! Our current feature list includes, 24 hour, 7, 30 and 60 day performance based metric tracking, individual ship performance metric tracking, global wargaming leaderboard, ship analytic tools, twitch streamer sponsorships, and forum signatures. Feel free to check out the site and explore around. We are always adding new features and fixing bugs. Fair winds and following seas! https://warshipstats.com Chandog
  15. Hear me out, If only there are more stats like the following. Damage inflicted with AP shells at (0-5km), (5-10km), (10-15km), and accuracy at those range Damage inflicted with AA shells at (0-2km), (2-4km), (4-6km) Damage inflicted with torpedos at (0-5km), (5-10km), (10-15km) You get the point. Stats would also show your preferred style in one ship over another. I just thought it would be interesting seeing that the current stat page is pretty bare. What do you guys think? Had WG mentioned about implementing something like this?
  16. Pseudoscope

    Training Room & Stats

    Hi Devs, I realize this game is still in beta, but seeing some stats, formula's, citadel locations would be awesome. Along with the implementation of a Training room, I've read that there is one, but only available to certain people, why not release it? It would be great to see how positioning and range affects shells, See where the citidels are, see how the guns fire, all in a easy to manipulate arena. This would lessen the frustration and learning curve of the game
  17. SillyGoy

    Shared kills, perhaps?

    Let's say you're wide-faced, rosy-cheeked Big Boy BB, and you're trading shells with another Battleship. You two are alone and you slug it out man-to-man. Turns out that your gunnery is better and all it takes now is just one more salvo to send him to the drink, while you can still take a few more hits. But suddenly, while you're reloading, in comes Johnny Cruiser with his fast-firing armament and torpedoes who ends up being credited with the sinking when his 152mm's strike the enemy Battleship to whisk away its last remaining 500hp before the fires on his deck do. This is of some concern because it reflects poorly on Big Boy BB's record. In his career he's dished out far more damage than he's received, but his number of destroyed ships is comparable to his deaths, owing to Johnny Cruiser and his ilk (as well as Carrier Carl's VT and VB squadrons) swooping in at the last instance to deliver the final blow. Personally, it's rather upsetting. Big Boy BB can spend the whole match delivering half again or even twice or more of his hp in damage but when he is sunk, his sinking is what his stats show brazenly. Sure, playing the game solely to win is unhealthy, but when I look at a record, I glance at a person's kills and deaths first. So maybe we can implement a sort of shared kills system, like what the US air forces had back in WW2, with even fractions being awarded depending on how much damage a ship deals upon another. Upon and only upon a targeted ship's sinking, the player who does or does more than 80% damage to the ship in question gets 1 kill ribbon, one who does or does more than 50% gets 1/2 progress towards a kill ribbon, and one who does at least 20% gets 1/5 progress, and so on. The player to deal the final blow is guaranteed a 1/5 progress towards a kill ribbon, no matter what. I know, my idea is rather crude, but it's open to modification and would certainly alleviate some frustration. At its core, it's just awarding fractions of a kill ribbon in correspondence with the amount of damage dealt against a targeted ship. What do you guys think?
  18. Dunno if this is a known issue Well, I was staring at my Omaha ( and wishing it turn into a Cleveland) then noticed something. The AA Guns tab show the wrong number of x4 28mm mounts. The ingame model of the second hull has 10 quad mounts while the AA Guns tab shows it only has 8 quad mounts. Slight buff anyone? Also pardon for the pro-tier paint game
  19. my stats are wrong, I have survived about 6 games without dieing, and its says that I have died every match
  20. 8_Eight_8

    Do you keep your stats?

    I was wondering if your records get transferred from WOT/WOWP into WOWS? If not, do you have your win rate stat reset in WOWS? Do you stay in the same clan as WOT or it's a separate branch in WOWS?