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Found 1 result

  1. Reverse_ldeology

    Just a rant

    Recently, I have seen some levels of aut stup idio poor gameplay that should not even be possible. Here are some examples. DDs -Gearing dying while eating two F3 torpedoes in the SAME smoke, from two DIFFERENT spreads. -Shimakaze sitting still in smoke and eating Cruiser torps (somehow its possible) -"Lemme use my 20km Shima torps to TK like 2 CAs first before killing the enemy BB I am targeting." CAs -YOLO rush cap -YOLO rush and smoke tactic -sitting still and firing in smoke, when DD activity is clearly present BBs -Oh look, we outnumber enemy ships 2:1, lets flee instead of push so we won't be able to relieve the other flank after pushing past this one and then in late game we can feed the enemy! -Early game snipe, late game feed tactics -Totally no idea about how to position and take damage wisely -Lack of WASD is one thing, continuing to travel in straight line after a DD pops up is another. CVs -Instead of spotting that almost dead DD, just fly my planes past him and farm some damage instead. These sanity-draining acts really discourage you from playing the game. Sometimes you can clearly see that your team is going to lose, based on the decisions you see your teammates (esp BBs and DDs, and particularly CVs) make. WG how you want me to enjoy gameplay when there are games where you can do literally nothing as a solo player??? /rant