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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all. I want to share you my infographics showing how dispersion and sigma works. I put these into Public Domain so please feel free to use them anywhere. Let me know if you have a reviewer's comment. Fig. 1. The relationships between the maximum horizontal dispersion radius, firing range, and ship types. Note that vertical dispersion is NOT considered in this figure and onwards. Fig. 2. The concept of sigmas. Fig. 3. The "realistic" comparison of 25, 50, 75, and 100% hit probability density circles in T9~10 CAs and BBs firing at 10 km distance. Aiming Systems Modification 1, Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2, and the special upgrades for Yamato, Zao, and Moskva are considered to calculate the maximum dispersion radius. Note that each 0.1 increase of sigma approximately results -4% decrease in the radius of 50% probability circles. Fig. 4. Same as Fig. 3 but firing at 15 km distance. Stalingrad is ruining everything. Fig. 5. Same as Fig. 3 but firing at 20 km distance.
  2. I think its the same as the MM formula.
  3. Hey_Potato

    Holy #@@! Mother of Moskva

    Super bad ass!! Just another hype? Will it be a premium ship?