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Found 1 result

  1. XxxGr1ffinxxX


    so if you read through my previous thread, i'm currently up to the donskoi. now any other time, it would be an 'oh yeah thats cool' but if anyone wasnt aware, in patch 0.9.5. the glorious moskva will become a coal ship, at least i think. so i'm in a bit of a pickle here, seen as though the donskoi is pretty new. theres a total of 245k experience to grind, so its going to require both of the following: playing donskoi a lot grinding narai w/atlanta, free xp camo and flags now i know the latter is possible, hell i got 100k free xp for grinding narai for not even a week. but i dont want to rely on that completely, nor do i want to trust the donskoi's normal xp earning rate will be enough but thats only the xp side of things, next up... 20 million credits tHAT, wont be a problem because i grinded like 15 mill with narai grinding so the whole point of this, is actually asking, what is the moskva like? i've only played her in space battles (aurora i belive?) and in CB a few times. apart from that, i dont have a big idea in terms of her so lets list what i know pros the best shell velocity in game, paired with high AP penetration makes for a good cruiser/knife fight bb monster 62k hit points i believe, sitting high up there for the most hitpoints for cruisers, excluding super cruisers 27mm bow and stern i think? or mid-ship. making french/german 380mm AP not much of a problem better reload than the donskoi's 180mm guns.... wow stock 19.1km firing range, something like 23/24km w/3mill range mod make a BB a BBQ cons massive size, turns like a truck, long rudder shift you have worse concealment than some battleships your big size, like i said, plus not having the ability to bounce 406+mm guns makes engagements very awkward AA is meh (even AA cruisers have become meh) big citadel will mean back to gulag for you well like i said this is based off my limited knowledge. if there are playstyle tips, i'd love to hear em!