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Found 1 result

  1. war4sure

    IJN Tech Tree Split?

    Some time earlier during the CBT, a modder stumbles upon a localization file that includes a line that contains description for Shinano, a tier X CV. WG also confirms Shinano will be in the game, and even showed her in one of their videos. Currently Japanese CV line in game are made up of ships build as a carrier,but Shinano came from a Yamato-class BB. So, I can tell much that sooner or later we get to choose whether to work up on purpose-built CV or converted ones. The split probably start at tier V like this: Shoho(V)>Chitose(VI)>Kaga(VII)>Akagi(VIII)>Ibuki CV(probably,IX)>Shinano(X) The same might also be done with destroyers, since I looked at WG planned tech tree for Japan and saw Akizuki there.The split for Japanese DD line are probably like Soviet heavy tank line, at tier VI you get to choose to grind for the IS if you're into the IS-7,or KV-3 if you prefer IS-4.Since Akizuki is a Anti-Air DD,the destroyers leading up to her are those that traded surface combat capability for increased AA stats. So it might looked like this: Surface Combatant Mutsuki(VI)>Shiratsuyu(VII)>Fubuki(VIII)>Kagerou(IX)>Shimakaze(X) AA Performance Mutsuki(VI)>Hatsuharu(VII)>Michisio(VIII)>Yuugumo(IX)>Akizuki(X) Take note that this was based on the planned tech tree and changes might happen throughout the development.