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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to be able to assign a keyboard key, so that the ship's telegraph (throttle) changes from Full to Stop in one click. Handy for countering enemy torpedo launches during destroyer knife fights (with Propulsion Mod). Rather than having to click 4 times. I'd prob. assign 'F' key.
  2. Pseudoscope

    Rebalance the Kiev

    To me the Kiev should be a dd killer, which it was when it first came out. I never played the Russian DD's when they had the high damage, but now that I'm at the Kiev It feel significantly weaker that I feel it should. The high speed and 2 front turrents means it was built to chase, the problem with the current build is all enemy DD's have ~3km to turn around and high tail it to cover or friendlies. Thus I suggest that 9km spotting distance be reduced, this ship currently does not have an strength to stand on.
  3. So now that we are able to compete in team battles (which is leading to clan wars battles most likely) players are going to need to move and advance as a group more than ever. Now in team battles you see cruisers playing a more of a AA support roll, carriers might want to move along with the team, and battleships will more than likely move in a tight group, but what happens when a team has a slower member like a Colorado on the team. The Colorado can only go 20 knots and if the team also has a Nagato in it which can only go rather full speed witch is to fast or go 3/4 speed which slows him down below the Colorado's top speed which causes the Nagato to flick the speed up and down the entire match (this applies to all the different types of ships since most have different top speeds). So what can be done to help unify the speed of the teams ships? -Well WG could allow us to have more precise speed control that enables us to pick each knot that is available to engage from the ship that is being used. -Another possible control is giving a % of power being used, this way a player can run his Colorado at 100% while the teammate Nagato can travel the same speed while running at 85% power (not an accurate %, just used it as an example). -Also WG could (if possible) set up a function where if you want to travel the same speed as a slower teammate you can select this teammate and choose to travel the same speed as him and the same selection function will allow the slower ship to request the teammate to travel at his speed. Now this isn't a needed function to play the game, all this will do is allow teams to execute plans/engagements more precisely. Just an idea, comment if you like the idea, if you have a better solution, or if you think that this would be a wasted/useless function.
  4. Pseudoscope

    CV stats

    Hi Devs, Personally I feel that the CV's stats are too good. If you take a look at them, some CV's are less detectable than CA's and just as fast or faster. I've played plenty of rounds (as a DD), where if there is space the CV just turns are runs, to the point where I cannot run them down. I feel that CV detection range should be equal to that of a DD's acquisition range and the speed of a CV should be equal to or less than that or BB's. A difference of 5knots of speed is 150m/minute, if a CV knows you are coming, and has the room, you will never get into range for guns, let alone torps. Further more if you are in range you have to keep a practically dead straight approach with 1 or 2 guns on target, otherwise they will leave your range. Anytime the launch torps at you, you will lose ground, if not get severely injured at higher teirs. Take a look at the two stats mention, compare CV's with all other tiers across the tiers and I think you too might agree that they need altering too. Regards Pseudo
  5. Yami_Shoumetsu

    Specifying specific speeds

    It would really be nice if there is an option to specify specific speed(in knots) of your ship...very useful if you want group of different ships to cruise together..... right now, the current speed of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full is enough for a casual player but i think you need to give option to provide specific speeds for more hardcore players.....