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Found 4 results

  1. A bit of a disclaimer: the estimated HP, based on the ships’ standard/full displacement, for the ships aren’t 100% accurate (no longer seems to be accurate). WarGaming may use different sources for the ships’ displacements. It’s a formula(s) I stole from someone I know and I do not have the permission to give them to anyone else. My other ship line proposals: All new ships Tier IV: Hawkins-class Tier V: York-class VI: London-subclass (County-class) Norfolk-subclass (County-class) VII: Kent-subclass (County-class) Surrey-class VIII, IX and X: details will be down below The ships: HAWKINS-CLASS TIER 4 YORK-CLASS TIER 5 LONDON-SUBCLASS (COUNTY-CLASS) TIER 6 NORFOLK-CLASS (COUNTY-CLASS) TIER 6 SURREY-CLASS TIER 7 KENT-CLASS (COUNTY-CLASS) TIER 7 CA SKETCH 1/1940 – 12,5k TON TIER 8 CA SKETCH 1/1940 – 15,5k TON TIER 9 CA DESIGN C 1/1941 TIER 9 CA DESIGN iii 3/1941 TIER 9 CA SKETCH 2/1940, 8-INCH TIER 10 CA SKETCH 2/1940, 9,2-INCH TIER 10 CA SKETCH 9/1939, 9,2-INCH TIER 11 I removed the Premiums because they are both out of place and they are so hard to tier.
  2. Paladinum

    Possible future DD lines

    Breaking News: You can actually and easily do a Google search all about these ships!!! I just put them together! For the Type 1938B and Type 1938A/Ac, visit: https://www.german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/ships/destroyer/index.html Alternative DD line for German Navy All carry 150 mm (actual bore diameter 149.1 mm). Which I find very unique of the ships. Generally they won't be much different from the current line. Except they won't be hunting DDs, instead, they will go out to annoy cruisers and burn down BBs. Tier 6 (maybe, even I don't care much about this one) 1936A (Z25, Z28, Z29, Z30) 4x1 150 mm Tier 7 1936A Mob 4x1 150 mm Tier 8 1938B 2x2 150 mm, A-X Type 1937J 5x1 150 mm Tier 9 1938A/Ac 3x2 150 mm, A-<M-X Very strange turret layout, with one in the middle of the ship, facing forward. Tier 10 Spähkreuzer 1938 5,7k ton, 3x2 150 mm, 2x5 TTs, A-XY Estimated at 26k HP, this will be a beast of a DD. I honestly don't agree with calling Kapparoast or Harugumo "light cruisers" but I will let be people call this a light cruiser because the German classed them as such - "scout cruisers". Also quintuple tubes on a German ship! Yes! Torpedo reload time would be 112s, maybe the same torps on Z-52. NOTE: There is also Type 1945, which is basically Z-52 with 4 turrets and would overkill anything and a worthy adversary for the Kapparoast and Harugumo. Not sure if she'll ever be in the game. Alternative DD line for the USN All about anti-surface combats. Mainly torpedoes. Since most of them carry single-purpose guns (SP) they should not and will not have DAAF. This line is torpedo-focused so I put them together with their torpedo armament as the primary criterion for tiering. Tier 7 Bagley-class 4x1 127 mm DP guns, 4x4 TTs (torpedo tubes) (2 each side), 36,8 kt Gridley-class 4x1 127 mm DP guns, 4x4 TTs (2 each side), 38,5 kt Tier 8 Benham-class 2x2 127 mm DP guns, 4x4 TTs (2 each side) Tier 9 Porter-class 4x2 127 mm SP guns, 2x4 TTs (w/ reload, aka Torpedo Reload Booster) Historically this class carried spare torps for reloading, so I think this ship in game should have TRB. Tier 10 Somers-class 4x2 127 SP, 3x4 TTs This is a massively amazing anti-ship combatant, but will have certain drawbacks such as low-ranged torps found on Fletcher. At least I think she should be in the game with Fletcher torps. Also she's much lighter than Gearing so expect a much lower HP pool. Trade-offs for 8 guns and 12 torpedo tubes. I'd drool over a German DD line with 150 mm guns lol
  3. So, with the British Battleships now sailing the high seas with their super Hi-Ex, so that leads to what speculation we have for what comes next. Sure, the Pan-Asia line is coming out, but......meh, it frankly doesnt interest me. No, I am curious about what I consider the 'Major' lines. Japan, USA, USSR, Germany, UK and maybe France. IJN and USN are pretty much fleshed out. I mean, sure, they could expand the IJN DD Gun Boat line up ti Tier X, or they could have a line split for the USN in either CA's or DD in much the same way.... but it's not likely. So what does that leave? USSR still has a BB line to flesh out.....but lets face it, they had some Pre-Dreadnaughts, some WW1 era battleships and then after the Imperator Nikolai, they had the HMS Royal Sovereign under a different name, and that would only by Tier 6 at best!..and the Giulio Cesare, both ere re-branded but still... thats a Tier 5 ship. There were the three Sovetsky Soyuz class ships which were never built....so even if you buff and fluff them, thats Tier 8 at best. Unless they want to do a sort of 'half line' it's not going to happen and likely, we will only see USSR BB's as premiums. So what is left? Italy could have a case made for their own individual lines. They certainly had enough BB's, CA's and DD's. France had their BB line as well, but....well, Dunkerque only had one sister ship, the Strasbourg, which was more heavily armoured, so it will likely only ever some along as a Tier 7 or 8 BB in Premium. So not enough there, but a case could be made for a 'Southern European' line and buff the combined BB's of the Mediterranean to tier X and thus have a full line.... There was the Richelieu-class and all up, including Paper Designs like Alsace, there could be a case made.... I am doubtful though. It may just be easier to have Premium's and make more money that way. I'd like to see a full French BB line though.... But France did have one thing that could be done. DD's. Le Fantasque-class would be Top Tier in my mind and a definite competitor against the Shimakaze. It was the fastest DD of WW2. the Magador Class would also be a contender. The point is, there is certainly enough in there to make a full line, with a split for Torp Boat and Gun Boat. So, French DD's are a possibility. Sadly they didn't have enough CV's to make their own line, so maybe some premiums... The UK line is still missing out on two classes. CV and DD. The UK absolutely had enough of both to make their own lines. This would allow Wargaming to flesh out the British Line to completion. With plenty of room for Premiums left over of course. I'd see HMS Vengeance as their Tier X CV. I also want to see the Dido Class Light Cruisers. To my mind they were the UK version of the Atlanta and Cleveland for guns, anti-air and hijinks. South America? Well, lets face it, they had their Dreadnought race, but nothing significant until the end of WW2, as far as I can remember. There might be some premium's in the works like the Minas Geraes or other lower tier Battleships, but there was certainly not enough to bring them up to Tier X. So what is left? I mean, don't get me wrong, the British CV and DD lines, the French CA/CL and DD lines, these are enough to keep them busy for another year or three. There is the Commonwealth ships that will likely be Premiums and give Canada and other Commonwealth nations a look in, there is the Pan Asia line....but lets face it, most of those are IJN, US and UK ships with shiny new names. The Dutch? There might be enough to have a DD line, maybe some premium CL's, but lets face it, they had Submarines for the most part as active during WW2. So no line development hamstrings them. Much like the French. The point is, the lines, aside from Premiums and blatant pandering to a region (Pan-Asia), have limited options. French DD's, UK DD's, UK CV's, Italian Navy lines, what am I missing? More importantly, what do you want to see next? Me? I'm hanging out for the UK line of CV's. In my mind, the big problem with CV's is it comes down to USN Vs IJN and that's it. Having a third line will allow the introduction of a Rock-Paper-Scissors style match ups, where each line has their own advantages and disadvantages. Right now, each tier has one clear winner for power and that's it. It's a dead end, you either play the more powerful or deliberately hamstring yourself. Having a third line would bring in the balance, challenge and freshness the CV lines have needed for a while now. Hopefully, it would also allow Wargaming to re-examine how the CV's work, the base mechanics and everything else, and be prepared to make changes where necessary. The other line I want to see most? French DD's. Bring on the speedboats! How about you?
  4. So, just for fun, I knocked up this quick list of what a potential Royal Navy Destroyer line might look like in WOWs. Seen a few comments about how they were pretty weak so it seemed like an interesting challenge to try and make them work in game. It is true that RN destroyers were much more focused on anti-submarine, rather than surface or anti-air warfare, and they did have a whole string of designs mid-late war that were very much about getting as many usable escorts out to sea as quickly as possible that don't translate well in game and would be very under-powered at higher tiers, but even after you take them out I think you can still do a full 2-10 line almost without any paper ships at all (a little stat fudging is required). I'm imagining these as pretty much a standard line, without any attempts to introduce new game-play or national flavour, but even so they come out quite unique, especially with single launch torpedoes. Soft stats esp. the torpedo type, shell type, aa, and HP can obviously be adjusted for balance. Here are the suggestions - Tier 2 - HMS Laforey (1913 L Class) Pretty standard for a tier 2 DD with 3*1 102mm guns and 2*2 533mm torpedo tubes. Her weakness is the low top speed of 29 knots. Tier 3 - HMS Radstock (1916 R Class) Basically the same as Tier 2, but rectifies the weakness with a top speed of 36 knots. Potential premiums in HMS Skate (RN - served in and survived both world wars), and HMS Radiant (Pan Asia, transferred to the Royal Siamese Navy as Phra Ruang and apparently still floating today). Tier 4 - HMS Voyager (1916 W Class) The peak of British WW1 Destroyer design, 4*1 superfiring 102mm guns, 2*3 530mm torpedo tubes and 34 knots top speed - solid all round ships for the tier. Tier 5 - HMS Ambuscade (1924 post war prototype) Yarrow designed DD with 4*1 120mm guns and 2*3 530mm torpedo tubes capable of 37 knots. Tier 6 - HMS Shakespear (1916 Thornycroft type destroyer leader) Stepping out of chronological order but the ship displacement and capabilities fit well here. Same torpedoes tubes as the previous tier but 1 extra gun. Also capable of 36-38 knots. Would be quite weak AA wise, but a semi-fictional WW2 upgrade could address that. Tier 7 - HMS Afridi (1936 Tribal Class) Having the 4*2 120mm guns would probably not balance well in game so would suggest the WW2 armament of 3*2 120mm guns (with a secondary battery of 1*2 100mm dual purpose guns), and 1*4 533mm torpedo tubes. 36 knot speed, very strong gunboat for the tier but weaknesses would probably be the relatively poor concealment and torpedo armament. HMCS Haidi the obvious premium here. Tier 8 - HMS Jervis (1938 J Class) Also has the 3*2 120mm guns of the Tribal but with 2*5 533mm torpedo tubes and improved aa, all on a smaller (and therefore stealthier) hull than the Tribal. Wouldn't be quite as good a gunboat as the T7 but an all round better DD. Tier 9 - HMS Lance (1939 L Class) Not actually the lead ship of this class but the first ship of the class shares the same name as T2. Additionally, HMS Lance seems to be the first ship in this class with my suggested main armament of 4*2 102mm dual purpose guns (Same ones used on the Black Swan and Edinburgh), once number of barrels and rof are taken into account this is still an upgrade over the T8 firepower. The ship also features 36 knots speed and 2*4 530mm torpedo tubes. Tier 10 - HMS Ypres (1943 extended Battle Class) This is where things get very paper-shippy. RN does not seem to have a good T10 candidate because the normal Battle class would be undergunned in game, while the post war Daring class has a critical weakness of 30 knots maximum speed. However, it seems that there was an extended battle class ship design planned that would feature an extra double turret. This extended class was never constructed and IRL HMS Ypres was converted into the Daring class HMS Delight (commissioned 1953) but for the purposes of game balance I would mix together the Battle and Daring classes to create an extended Battle Class that would fit at T10. That means 3*2 113mm DP guns (these were better at both AA and surface warfare than either the 102mm or 120mm guns, capable of 16 rounds per minute) in powered turrets and 2*5 533mm torpedo tubes with a top speed of 37 knots. HMAS Vampire as an actual Daring class suggested for a Commonwealth T8 premium - the excellent firepower offset by a painfully slow top speed of 30 knots.