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Found 3 results

  1. I can get Mikoyan, but is it possible to get others for free ? also is Mikoyan worth getting or exchange for other rewards ? I am a new player without premium ship. I want to play F2P.
  2. KirstieBeau

    Donskoi vs Chapayev

    I'm enjoying russian cruisers recently especially the Shchors so I decided to keep it. This week I just got Chapayev fully upgraded with concealment build and its such a troll to DD with its 10.2km detection and 11.7km radar. I really enjoyed the slight difference in playstyle to the shchors as you're not tied anymore to long-distance HE spam as you can close-in to a cap and support my DD. Problem is I only have 2 relevant Soviet captains: a 14pt for the Chapayev and a 12pt for my Shchors. In a few days I will be unlocking the Donskoi. Any Donskoi captains here can say if it's a fun ship to have as the chappy and is it worth it for my Chappy captain to move to the Donskoi? Or will I stop at Chappy?
  3. Paladin0503

    Warship Spotlight: Soviet Cruisers

    New Russian cruisers are on the horizon! Do watch the video in 1080p to get the full effect. Enjoy this promotion video.