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Found 3 results

  1. MusashiKid

    Miscellaneous Suggestions

    Well, this is a bit random how about adding a ribbon and some exp reward for spotting enemy ships? because spotting actually plays a vital role IMO especially in the case when there is smoke screen covering enemies, if allied ship spotting enemies behind it, it's very helpful, for example Eurobeat's latest video, which at the beginning of video, showing him engaging an Amagi without getting detected because of enemy smoke which is thanks to his team mates in the back, spotting the Amagi for him ( as shown in 0:33) well, I think at least spotting should bear some exp reward on to my 2nd suggestion kinda half joking but........how about adding official soundtrack for torpedo dodging when torps are detected? because, Torpedo Beat ftw!! >_< / well, what do you think? these are just suggestions, but hopefully not too demanding
  2. I've been searching for similar suggestion, appears there's no one suggest this one. I want the soundtrack to be able for customization. Some soundtrack are bored for me, but some soundtrack really increase the battle spirit. Each players of course had their own favorite soundtrack. Will you take into consideration of this request ? Or, if you think it's take more effort to do it, can you make the soundtrack available for download ? So I can just mute the in-game soundtrack and play my own favorite soundtrack with music player.
  3. benlisquare

    Bring back OST 9

    Back during the Closed Beta Test, I would hear this song play in the background all the time during battles: Now that we're in OBT, I've never heard this music track played ever again. Was this song removed? I really liked this track, especially the Polyushka Polye jingle in the middle. Please bring it back.