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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Devs and fellow Captains, Firstly I am just in love with the "Ultra sounds" update. WoWS has come to a point where I can consider it once of the most immersive games I have right alongside Skyrim+mods and Fallout 4+mods. Especially in the sound department. I know it's always a challenge to devs to make the player feel as they were part of the game like controller vibration, VR, AR, and sounds to name a few examples from other titles. But for me, music and sound effects have always been in my sights and I'd like to thank WG for an outstanding effort especially with the "War Drums" feature. Gets my blood rushing in an exhilirating way. With that said, are there plans to improve or add-on some more ambience? - Like for example when we press the LMB we can also hear an "Open Fire!" in the background? - or a call when the guns/torps are ready? or the sound of frantic running when there's a fire or flooding, or hearing the chaos and panic of the crew when one gets citadeled? - or the call to Abandon ship to go along with the sinking animation? etc. etc. etc. somewhere along those lines and I know I probably am asking for too much but I wonder if there is a plan like this in the works? It would really add to the immersion factor to the game since these ships were crewed by hundreds or thousands and all I can hear is the XO. but regardless you have my thanks for a job well done on the sound department. I love it to death and somehow my neighbors hate me for it so early in the morning