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Found 17 results

  1. Hello I am enjoying world of warships game. There are certain issues i noticed in game play graphics which i need help. I am using Windows 7 64-bit with Intel graphics Card. Default settings - Low graphics with Direct X 9 I am unable to see effects - like ship on fire, smoke emitting from ships - which is used as guide to aim accurately, unable to see AP shells landing on ships that are far away (white trace is not visible as clearly as HE shells yellow trace), white pillar of water that is seen when shells hit water. I saw these effects in videos uploaded on You tube. When i switched to direct x 11 i saw these effects but then the game crashed mid-way of the battle. I read on another forum that PCs with Intel graphic card will lead to game crash due to heavy memory consumption. So i wanted to know settings options where i will be at least able to see AP shell traces and ship smoke so that i can at least improve my aiming which sucks at the moment. (I am not blaming the graphics or my PC for my performance) Any help in altering the Game Settings - Graphics without game crashing, will be appreciated. Thank You. P.S - i have checked out the settings related video from WOW official You Tube channel although it is good guide but it was not useful to solve my problem
  2. tell me how the heck AA crew can shot if they got a lot of smoke in their face?? smoke also conceal 250M long enemy ship from getting spotted.... how the heck they blind shot flies in the sky?? MEMETAUR AND NENENTUNE AA NOW BECOME MOAR DANGEROUS, I DEMAND AA NERF inside a smoke should be ZERO Also smoke should BE SEEN FROM 12km from aerial perspective.... how the heck pilot cannt see A BIG Smoke screen from 12km? and ship Aerial concealment should be as same as their AA range except it got turn off. _________________________________________ IF WG dont nerf invis AA (and buff CV secondary, and add RNCL Repair party for GZ ), i will play surface ship. of course since i am noob in surface ship I WILL BECOME BURDEN. IF i become burden of the team, more people will rant "i get noob team" or "MM SUX" or "Got kraken and lose" IF more people rant, forum will be flooded with troll IF people feel they just noob in the game and got trolled in the forum.... they will leave...... if there is no fish, the whale will leave..... if there is no more whale, the game is end.
  3. 最近老是被一直躲在煙裡的巡洋艦打到爆~ 煙能維持好久嗎??? 雖說已經有人反映過相同的問題,我還是再反映一次~!
  4. Surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Some changes to IFHE and smoke. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6ugxin/wows_dev_blog_in_st_ifhe_affects_detection/?ref=share&ref_source=link NA forums: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/134292-even-more-info-on-the-wip-smoke-changes-ifhe-changes/ Everything in testing, so nothing confirmed, but looks like IFHE will have little chance of fires.. And bb will no longer be able to fire from smoke undetected (hope links work)
  5. New Mechanic: Smoke-firing Penalty !! WARNING: We speculate that this new mechanic will work as follows. However, unveiling the actual effect requires further investigation. Now, smoke-firing will not be as pleasant as it used to be. Ships fire inside (or around) smoke screen will accelerate the dissipation of smoke. For example: Gearing's 1-click firing will reduce 0.24 (0.12×2) sec. lifetime of all smoke cloud in a radius of 630 meters. Larger caliber guns have better effect on smoke dissipating. The biggest 460mm has the basic smoke-dissipation penalty of 5.91 seconds. That is, each 1-click shot will cause 17.73 sec of smoke dissipation and one salvo will almost blow away an entire smoke screen! let's see, RIP RNCLs, RIP ketuzov, RIP belfast, RIP USN DDs, RIP smoke fishing, RIP using smoke in rank, RIP teamwork, RIP any remaining intrest i have in the game. this change is ridiculous
  6. JohnBalls

    Ship disappeared *POOF*

    So i was in tier V USN destroyer USS Nicholas and in a duel with tier VII british battleship HMS Hood. When things went south, i popped my smoke and hide inside it, wanted to wait for the Hood to come closer so that i can torp him (maybe detonate him too ). The moment i popped my smoke, poof. The Hood disappears out of my sights. He was at 8km and only reappears at 5km. I don't really play destroyer much but this really made me curious. Is this normal? Do explain to me too. Cheers
  7. Aniket_Sengupta

    Smoke working as intended?

    Currently smoke is hiding the ships completely. However if radar assisted fire control mechanics are to be considered the target in smoke should appear in the minimap, much like detected enemies in cyclone. I know this will be a big drawback for the DDs and CLs but then again can this not be applied for the select ships that had radar assisted fire control systems?
  8. After WG added RN cruisers, every patch they are doing is getting more and more BS. RN ships' paper specs were meh, so WG decided to give some "special skils" to RN ships. Yeah smokes and high elevation angles. This changed high tier battles a lot(It was BS, and it became more BS). Some white particles comes forever from smokes and behind rocks. Then WG announced "There are too many BBs", which is true. But that doesn't actually incidate that BBs are overpowered. People just love BBs(Few people starts this game because they love destroyer). Result? After game is started, people goes west and east. Then everyone sees 4~5 smokes per side, watching invisi fires coming. What you can do is hiding behind rocks, unless you have platoon with radar support. After hard grind to T10, what you find is smoke festival and rock-fetished ships instead of heavy ships exchanging salvo. Lucky ships(Team has radar, or well-positioned fighter planes) deal damage for free, Unlucky ones hide behind something. I'm not telling "Buff BB(or CA, DD?)". Just make game mechanics more fun. Meet the expectation of users who started this game. I've seen some people started this game because they want to see Iowa. But what they see after getting Iowa are 'getting burned by invisi-fires' and 'hide behind rocks till enemy smoke is gone(but new one starts immediately because there are 2~3 DDs + smoke CAs per battlefield)
  9. I ... don't know if it just my imagination but, these day when I'm playing mid-match everywhere I look, there's smoke be it DD smoke or CA smoke or even friendly smoke smoke work both way, if one pop up but no one stay in front of smoke, it's gonna blind the whole flank as a BB I can't shoot a thing =w='a and BB like me are spotted so far that all camper can fire to farm fire damage some may says it can be counter with torpedoes and radar, but I (IJNBB) have non of those and there's when my team DD go out and try to torp (F3 torp) into smoke he got radar-ed and kill almost instantly all I can do is run away from smoke since it's almost guarantee to be 'Iron fish' swim out of it. even so I'm still got spotted by enemy on other side of map and camper can happily farm fire damage at me even when i'm playing IJNDD, when I see smoke, I feel like to torp in, but a skilled smoker/camper know what to expect and don't fall for that often instead of randomly launch 2 min reload torpedo in smoke, I still want to save it for other chance... and ... yeah IMO currently in game, there's too much smoke..... I'm feel like choking =w= what do you guys think?
  10. So here's a quick question, has WG mention anything about fixing the UK's CA smoke? every other ship in the game will produce it's set amount of puffs every time, except the UK CAs. Or is this meant to be a feature of the British line...
  11. StormPilgrim

    extra optional gfx suggestion

    Hi love the game. One thing I reckon would be really cool is the option to have the following graphics you could turn on; 1. Realistic smoke from big damage or destroyed ships. Whenever you see real footage or an old photograph of say a WWII battleship burning there is a massive black column of smoke rising miles into the heavens. This would look so cool in the game. Perhaps whenever there is a citadel hit a ship would emit this for some time until repaired.. and destroyed ships could emit this for the remainder of the game - so everyone would see a bit tower of black smoke from just about anywhere. This real pic of the Yamato burning gives you an idea of what I mean lol. 2. Ship wakes - in real life my 14 foot dinghy just about leaves a wake as long as the Yamato in WOWS does. By the wake I mean the white trail behind the ship - this should go back miles and would be a cool option. Bow waves would also go for miles but this might be too computational and graphics intensive. Longer and more persistent wakes would be really cool and add to the realism of the game. Just my 2c worth in what I think would be cool additions to an already very good game
  12. here comes the 4th Video my triple seven (777) smoker div.. Not good for your health. but good for us enjoy
  13. karrablaster123

    4 Torps for 1 DD?

    So I launched random torps at a Błyskawica in a smoke screen from a Mahan with stock torps(Avg dmg is slightly >11000) Why did I have to get 4 torp hits to kill the Blyskawica who has only slightly >15000 HP? No other ships was there at the time Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/Gbe2n Notice 4 torp hits for only 14k dmg
  14. exiovus

    balancing smoke

    Hello everyone, I have a suggestion that the smoke launcher ability on some cruisers and all destroyers have a draw back, I'm sure that I'm not the only player who gets annoyed when a destroyer positions himself inside smoke then spam's HE rounds at my ships, my idea changes this to a more realistic option. when a destroyer uses smoke they can't possibly see you on their own at least in real circumstances. (my point is, if you can't see them how can they see you?) option 1: Destroyers get Hydro acoustic search allowing them to see ships that are outside of their smoke. option 2: use it like it's meant to be used to escape incoming fire and detection, rather then hide inside it and be a menace while spamming HE. option 3: once a ship fires inside smoke they become spotted unless their are no enemy ships in line of sight. option 4: leave it as it is so that destroyers and some cruisers can remain a menace and virtually invulnerable while in smoke.
  15. MEOW

    graphical bug glitch ati

    issue:graphical glitch(torpedo,smoke,fire) screenshot : ship:any map:any occurrence: every time tested:i don't know how did it happen but here is DxDiag.txt 21.94K severity: visual error. details: it really annoying to see rainbow pixelated smoke or fire or pixelated torpedo DxDiag.txt
  16. Smoke mechanism must be really frustrating. Enemy DD just popped up out of nowhere after the smoke had gone and hit me with a torp spread from 2-3 km away. I didn't have the reaction time to evade the torps. Either, the smoke is still there even though the smoke has been cleared due to some visual bugs or, there's a cooldown mechanic that still put DD inside smoke concealment that is only gone after a minute. I have the replay, but i'm too lazy to record, encode, and upload the video. Maybe i'll do it later. This is the 2nd time i had been caught where DD popped out of nowhere even after the smoke is gone. It's a Mutsuki, btw. EDIT: And in the same match, friendly minekaze somehow was hit by my own torps, despite when i dropped the torps, he was nowhere near my torps trajectory. GOD!
  17. As I know the tier 5 Cruiser that the Alpha testers got has smoke, will any more cruisers get smoke? And if they do how can you find this in the tech tree? I thought that maybe it would be in the concealment information area for the ship but isn't.