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Found 3 results

  1. No1_Lonely

    Ragnar, useless DD ?

    Hello Commander. I haven't play Ragnar yet, but I've met Ragnar several times in game. This time I see some neft from WG for Ragnar. As my experience, it will make Ragnar to be useless. It maybe become Hayate version 2, which ship we very rarely see in the battle. Thanks to WG for useless 2m free xp ship. Relating to concealment, 9.56km max is equivalent with 7.4km full concealment, it's worse than maceau, even maceau has 2 x 4gun and 54 knot for 3min engine boost. With this range and 35knot speed, not so much thing Ragnar can do. Capture base - no, Hunting dd - quite hard because many ships will focus on you first Shooting CA/CL with no smoke ? - you will die soon It's difficult to be a destroyer to spot enemy ships with 7.4km detected range. If you think 152mm gun is good, Elbing is with 3 x 2 150mm gun, 6.5km detected range and smoke for sure better. Let's talk about 3.2s reload, with upgrade, we have 2.816s reload, and become 2.26s reload with full commander skills, it's not bad, but not so much player has 21 point skill for this ship, and remember that you don't have torpedo and smoke, you are not as fast as kleber and maceau. If you want to know one ship is good for play or not, let's go to ASIA sever and you can see which ship is extinct. Who played Ragnar, could you please give me some comments about this ships?
  2. 何隻かのテスト艦艇と Devonshire への変更について、情報が公開されていましたので和訳を公開しました。 この情報は ST 向けのものであり、今後のテスト結果などに応じて追加の変更や撤回がされる場合があります。 https://note.com/torpbeat/n/nb07a446e2d90
  3. 武器庫で入手できる艦艇や、今後入手可能になる艦艇について、情報が公開されていましたので和訳を投稿しました。 https://note.com/torpbeat/n/n586c9ad33dc7