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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I have been hitting up NA a lot recently, got myself a couple of T10s and had a general blast. One thing I've noticed is that the gameplay is much more interesting, enjoyable and games dont take 6 weeks resulting in one team winning by points whilst the other team still has > half of their ships alive (in general). A small suggestion I think would help (if WG is listening). For every ship on SEA, the duration time of spotting aircraft module should increase the duration to.... hmmmm... 20 mins? and the range to.... The whole map? In addition, I think it would be beneficial for a new hotkey which spams 'poi' to be added which after pressing immediately renders the users chat invisible thereby negating all potential team work and having the added bonus of removing the ability to respond to even basic external stimuli (getting shot at, capped out etc etc) leaving them in a state of brain function (temporary of course - 20 min duration) roughly anagolous to lobotomised domestic pets. I feel this would add some more dynamism to the game and really allow players to have the full experience of just what it means to play on SEA server. Thank you for listening to my suggestions.