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Found 3 results

  1. PanzerRunner

    Interesting Ships Nicknames

    This is the list of ships nicknames that i found interesting from forum and WG official website. Enjoy German Ships : Currywurst - X Großer Kurfürst Fat Albert - III König Albert Admiral Hipster - VIII Admiral Hipper Shiny Horse - VII Scharnhorst Derpitz, Torpitz - VIII Tirpitz Freddy the Gross - IX Friedrich der Große Bavaria, Bay - VI Bayern American Ships : Des Memes - X Des Moines Lolanta - VII Atlanta NoCal - VIII North Carolina Pepsicola - VI Pensacola Cleave - VIII Cleveland Gut - VI Farragut Craprado - VII Colorado Saint - III Saint Louis French Ships : Dunkek - VI Dunkerque Gascannon - VIII Gascogne Terrible - VIII Le Terrible The Grass - VI De Grasse Jean Fart, Bart - IX Jean Bart Japanese Ships : Furry Taco - V Furutaka Taco Banana - II Tachibana Walkie Talkie - III Wakatake Hat - VI Hatsuharu Soviet Ships : Gremlin - V Gremyashchy Impregnator - IV Imperator Nikolai I Kebab - X Khabarovsk Mikhail Citadelovitch - VIII Mikhail Kutuzov Stalingreat - X Stalingrad British Ships : Trollspite - VI Warspite Conqkek - X Conqueror Miniature - X Minotaur Jarvis - VII Jervis
  2. OK, I've been around for a while, but I sometimes have trouble interpreting some of the language used in the forums. Mostly, a good google or analysing the context from repeated usage gets me by - but I'm afraid I have to give up on 'fishing division'. I have a few ideas, but I never play in divisions or clans and I still can't quite get the meaning. I'm hoping someone can enlighten me, thanks I'll probably get stuck on others too, so I'll post any new requests to this thread.
  3. dead_man_walking

    Dodgy Awards

    I'll start this one off with the Pussers old favourite: Golden Rivet Award - Awarded to the most gullible ord on the ship (award type and method depended on the badgeman's sense of humour and bent)