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Found 5 results

  1. Steamcentrallibrary

    [All] Fubuki Skin

  2. Steamcentrallibrary

    [All] 후부키 스킨

    이미지를 클릭하면 다운로드 페이지로 이동합니다.
  3. SwedishFox_asia

    Custom made skins by SwedishFox

    Hello everybody:D So this is my very first skin and it´s the Kii, so as i said, it´s my very first skin and i had to learn how to use gimp in order to do it, so it took me a while. Cuz there is no Kancolle character for the Kii, i took Amagi and her sisterships Unryuu and Katsuragi. (little fun-fact, they are all carriers in Kancolle) I hope everything is working and that u like the skin:) Pls leave a comment!
  4. So The ARP ships, right now basically a reskin of the Myoko or the Kongo with a cute commander voice and flashy torpedo effects. I am personally a fan of the ARP anime series so I really do appreciate the fact that they are been implemented into the game. But what I think would better is to give out the skins of the ships instead of giving them out as individual ships, so you can progress the actual tech tree while using ARP themed ships. If you watch the anime, you would know that there was a Fog Yamato and Musashi, the Takao which is indeed the same as the Atago, there were loads of light cruisers which is pretty close to the Kuma class in game. In the end of episode 11, they encounter USS Indiana, a South Dakota class (similar to the North Carolina in game), USS Iowa, I believe the USS West Virginia, although the translation only says Virginia class, which never existed in WWI or WWII and another ship of the Colorado class, the Delaware class BB which is a successor of the South Carolina class and finally the Lexington class aircraft carrier. Those ships barely showed up on the screen so I highly doubt that they will be implemented into the game. In the first movie though there was a Fletcher class destroyer and I would really like to see it in the game. NOT as a seperatly given ARP ship but as camo that would overlap the standard camo, so you can have the ship look ARP themed but keeping the advantage that a normal camo will give you. After all, it's will never be a good idea to make missions that will unlock you the ARP Yamato or ARP Musashi. Making skins for the ship would be a much easier and viable option and I am sure a lot of you agree with me. For those of you who likes the voices of different commanders: it can be coded to match the skin you have applied to your ship, so for example: you applie the Haguro skin, you get the Haguro voice but all XP earned will go towards that ship commander you have recruited for your ship. I am aware that there are mods that gives your ship the ARP skin but if you want to use a different ship from the anime you will have to reinstall that skin, which is a waste of time/
  5. FOR MOST UP TO DATE THREAD GO TO: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/56530-mod-kriegsmarine-mods-skins-admiral-hipper-1942-has-been-added/ Deutsches Schlachtschiff Tirpitz September 1942 - July 1943: Bogen at Narvik, Fættenfjord at Trondheim, and Kåfjord at Alta, Norway Deutsches Schlachtschiff Tirpitz July 1944 - November 1944: Kåfjord at Alta, and off Håkøy at Tromsø, Norway Deutscher Kreuzer Nürnberg Baltic Stripe Camouflage, Autumn 1941 Deutscher Kreuzer Köln April 1941: Gotenhafen Deutscher Kreuzer Köln Summer 1942: Norway Deutscher Kreuzer Niobe November 1943: Mediterranean No Tracer Smoke Mod Removes the tracer smoke trails from all guns. The tracers themselves have not been modified. German Sound Mod Announcer and ship's crew now speak German. Credit for the sounds goes to Eidos Hungary. The dialogue is from the Battle Stations Pacific German localization files. Please take into consideration that this mod is not intended to provide a comprehensive translation for German Users. Unfortunately some lines may seem out of place and context. Note: Due to limitations, only a portion of the dialogue has been modified. Mod will be updated as soon as possible. Installation Extract the 0.5.x.x folder inside the .7z archive into your World of Warships res_mods folder, overwriting the folder. In the case of game updates, move the contents of the 0.5.x.x. into the latest version's folder. Sound mod note: In addition to placing the audio folder into your res_mods/0.5.X.X folder, you must also copy the audio folder (found in the res folder) into your res_mods/0.5.X.X folder. You will then have several folders including the Mod folder in your audio folder.