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Found 1 result

  1. Hello players!! Welcome to Achievements & Signal Flags!! This guide covers the achievements & signal flags feature of World of Warships. This feature maybe familiar to you in gaming world and might thinking that it's just simple decoration & fancy stuff on your game account like Steel Wall, High Caliber, Confederate, etc. back in World of Tanks. NOPE! That will mostly not happen in World of Warships, so let's discuss this with Questions & Answers then List of Achievements & Signal Flags! What do Achievements & Signal Flags do? - They are not decoration for sure. But they reward you with experience boost, credit boost, etc. in battle. Yes, they are worth to get!! How do we get the achievement/s? - You can get achievement/s in random battles only and meet the requirements for that certain achievement. You can read each achievements' requirements in your Profile Tab (Top) > Achievements. I’ll explain each how you get them. And the signal flag/s? - First you have to be Account Level 7 and you will start get them as reward for getting achievements like “First Blood”, “Confederate”, "It’s just a flesh wound!", etc. How do we know our Account Level? - You can see immediately right next to your In-Game Name (IGN) on top left corner of your screen. For more detail of your current account level go to…. Profile > Service Record How do we know if we did get achievement/s? Three ways to know if you got the achievement/s: How do we know if we got signal flag/s? There will be some sort of box-like this in screenshoot, these are the flags you earned in battle. Where is the experience & credit boost reward you’re talking about? - When you got Account Level 7, you can equip the maximum of 8 or less signal flags on your ship~! Each signal flag has their own effects like +50% experience earned, +20% credit earned, etc. Are signal flag/s unlimited? - Unfortunately, no. Once used in battle, the signal flags you equipped on your ship are vanished like consumable items. Learn how to save them. Can we buy signal flag/s via credits or doubloons? - No, only by getting the achievements. UPDATE (7/14/2015): Just found out from RU server that at this moment, they are selling flags via premium store & paid via real money. How can we equip these signal flag/s? - Select a ship > click Exterior tab > Signals > click the flags > Mount