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Found 4 results

  1. Manacetamol

    Haifuri Skins DLC

    HSF Kagero (Harekaze/Okikaze) >>Donwload<< HSF Shiratsuyu >>Download<< HSF Akizuki >>Download<< HSF Shimakaze >>Download<< HSF Aoba >>Download<< HSF Myoko >>Download<< HSF Atago >>Download<< HSF Kongo >>Download<< HSF Hiei (Kongo) >>Download<< HSF Admiral Graf Spee >>Download<< HSF Edinburgh >>Download<<
  2. Dear Wargaming Doubt this is the right place for this, I do not expect anything to happen, but I felt I needed to say it. I was very disappointed when I found out that Shiratsuyu had its smoke and torpedo booster placed in the same slot. Before, the Shira was a fun ship to play, great for those who liked stealth torpedoing, and made it easy for mediocre gamers like myself to contribute to the team, both by creating torpedo walls (more often than not, only making ships turn way, not actually hitting them) and covering allies in smoke. Lets be honest, most captains will pick smoke, as it will be more useful most of the time, and gives you greater utility to the fleet (especially given that IJN destroyers do not have good AA). Now, much of that ability has been removed, and left with a ship that is only mediocre, if not less, compared to its peers. It has nothing that makes it stand out, and only a smaller detection radius is its only advantage over Akatsuki. A long range torpedo boat is going to miss most of the time, and the torpedo booster gave you the ability to increase you chances several times during a battle, it made the ship unique. Maybe I'm just a poor player who liked something that improved my playstyle, maybe I need to improve my skills (as a casual player, do not necessarily have the time). But please, consider giving the Shiratsuyu back the smoke and torpedo booster, even at the old cooldown time, ever if the reload time is increased to 20 seconds or so; It will make the ship fun and much loved again. Grygus
  3. redthunder

    The Shiratsuyu

    Why do I have a feeling that if they release a premium version of this ship they'll eventually nerf the tech tree version... -_-
  4. Loshirai14

    I recreated Shiratsuyu in Besiege

    Due to my excitement to the upcoming IJN DD sub-line. I decided to make my own Shiratsuyu. Originally planned as a Hatsuharu but then decided to convert it to Shiratsuyu. I had to exclude some details like AA and some other things due to performance issues. Took me 2-6 hours per day for 8 days to make. What do you guys think? :3 Here's another one i made a few weeks ago