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Found 1 result

  1. I have 55% WR in both Myoko and Ibuki, but struggle with a 50% WR in my 155 mm Mogami build. I've come to the recent conclusion that it's not about adapting to the different playstyle. I did adapt, eventually, and the ship is certainly strong at what it does. The problem is this build configuration struggles to impact the outcome of battles, and I've had to reassess my view of how to most effectively "Mogami" in consequence. Let me explain. The key is to everything is IHFE. Without IHFE your HE shells shatter on 26 mm armor and up. To be blunt, facing T8, T9, and T10 ships you need it. With IHFE taking up 4 captain skill points you won't be able to take concealment expert (CE) until you have a 14 point captain, and without CE your engagement distances end up too far away to sink DDs and fast cruisers early in the game. i.e. you lose impact. I started my Mogami grind with a 10 point captain, and took IHFE and slotted the double rudder shift mods as being the recommended kiting build. Once you get the hang of kiting, and shooting over islands, and supporting friendly BBs from behind, you can do devastating damage late game farming battleships and heavy cruisers. The problem is by that point the outcome of the game has typically already been decided. If I was to do it over I would start out with the 203 mm concealment build and run that until I got a 14 point captain, then take IHFE as my second 4 point skill and re-equip the 155 mm guns. Maybe take the second rudder shift mod, maybe keep the concealment mod. Full stealth Mogami with IHFE 155mm has, ah, possibilities I would be very interested in exploring. At the moment I'm stuck on a 12 point going-on-13 point captain, and to be frank the kiting build is a real struggle. I hate having to wait until my team wins (or loses...) the game for me before I can make any meaningful damage contribution. That's my conclusion anyway: don't run 155 mm build without at least a 14 point captain. Even then, the 155 mm guns are more about fun and variety than practical advantage. Whatever is gained in DPM is offset by both the weaker pen values, especially AP, and by those extra 4 captain skills you get back from not having to take IHFE that by 14 points you can slot into such quality of life perks as expert loader, direction center, and adrenaline rush...