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Found 20 results

  1. NewMoskva

    Soviet Supership

    Discussion about A possible Soviet Supership, Superships in general and Soviet tech tree expansions. Feel free to talk.
  2. Yeah, maybe i just a new comer from 2018 and can actively play this game in 2020-2021. But this image should be represented the role of every kind ships. Coz, just 1 hour ago i almost broke my keyboard just because a div consist of 1 cv and 2 bb which their cv only focusing help their div alone and don't give any attentions to DD. We can win at that time, just because we losing point. Our dd can't cap because there's radar ships near cap zone and CV once again ignore it. So their DD (enemy DD) got free point from it. Barely manage to get 3 wins out of 5 match in this weekend. Especially in high tier. It's like ... ah, i don't want to talk about it. note: ANYWAY, #CMIIW COZ THIS BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE. Action Stations.
  3. >5x1 139MM looking good? No, because you need to turn 45 degree to make sure all of them could fire. That means for any target that u shooting,u are also a very big+easy shot target for them. And the turning speed for turrets is slowly for 54 speed. If u want to shot under this speed.do not try to QQ/EE,cause turrets can not follow the aiming point . And it has a very low DPM in ALL TIER 8 DD. 10%fire change per shot with flag is op? No,because u have very low DPM. The actual fire chance per minute is very low. >As a attack DD, u have a super loooooooooooong body and a very bad turning range------690M! 2 above means ,shoting enemy dd is difficult for u. u have some fire advantage but that only have 10 seconds and only work in a very limit situation. Oh ,one more things. 6.6KM camo + NO SMOKE ,u can not do anything to defense ur base. If u fight with UK DD,well.....u will see smoke up and then u will die---super long body +690 turning range means u will need at least 10 seconds to turn around and run away. Low DPM Low camo No smoke. This is not DD, more like CL with DD hp and guns and a stupid high speed but can not use this advantage in a good way. every thing is just looking good but actually quite worse during the real fight.
  4. Why does WG not rotate the ships for sale in the Premium Shop? Every week it seems its the same ships as the week before with just some in packages, to seemingly double or triple the price, but no rotation through the stock of other Premium ships. I keep hoping to see 'HMS/HMAS Vampire' (that became part of the famous WW2 'Scrap Iron Flotilla') up for sale. The British Destroyer line role out would seem like a good time to put it up for sale as it was a former RN V-Class Destroyer almost the same as the W-Class 'HMS Wakeful', just added to the game. I also keep looking for the Russian Battleship 'Imperator Nikolai I'. This week's Halloween operation uses a reskinned version the 'Imperator Nikolai I' as 'Rasputin', the final enemy boss ship. Again this seem like the perfect week to sell that ship and its special Halloween skin but no... why??? I know I haven't been on WoWS very long, as I only recently left my countries' Navy, and so missed lots of great ships like the 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel' (ARP) ships (which WG probably never make available again) for example. Even my joining WoWS was problematic in that I joined on a referral but never got the free 'USS Texas' and 'Diana' I was meant to get, to which customer service did absolutely nothing to fix when I raised a ticket about it. For a game that was only about 2 1/2 years old when I joined its not been a very welcoming experience; being deigned your free joining ships, and then to see all these other ships in the game you want but they are apparently locked away from you forever because, in my case, I was busy serving my country instead of playing this game before. I wonder how many other new players feel similarly.
  5. 1. Description [Ship] IJN Ashitaka name get censored on in-game chat 2. Reproduction steps Select any ship Enter the battle. Trigger chat that can write Ashitaka ship name Example : Press F3 on Ashitaka would make "Concentrate fire on Ashitaka" or "Provide cover for Ashitaka" 3. Result Ashitaka name is censored and show like "A****aka" 4. Expected result It should show Ashitaka without cencor 5. Technical details Time occurence : Always Ps : Sorry for my bad English and Post
  6. i hope im not alone to say that ramming mechanics from very long ago still bad in this game. theres a difference between actual ramming and barely touching while barely touching enemy ships do ridiculous damage. i never saw any two ships touching each other and immidietely blow up in real life. neither i saw two tanks touch and blow up in world of tanks. WoT is following a fair mechanic, why not bring change in Warships already? i hate seeing khaba getting a die hard achievement against a kurfurst. Ship ramming is very barely fair. but i think ship touching in 6-7 kts should not cause a very insta damage even against a BB vs DD. in example a dd should just slide away with a huge sparkles and taking light damage. just like happened in harukaze vs musashi training in HSF anime you collaborated with. or bow on BB VS BB both bb just take like 25% hp loss and thrown away in both sides with flood because "physics". i hope youll redesign the ramming again :)
  7. blacKNIGHT22

    Blacknight22 ART

    Its been a while since i start to put my art at WOT forum but i stop after i stop playing WOT, i will put all my drawing including Tank here so its easy for everyone
  8. anonym_2EFpjvgfY2gu

    Ships stuck on rocks

    3 times, twice in game and once on PTS, my ship (dd's) has hit an island and gotten stuck. It will move slightly forward and move slightly back but no matter what I do with speed and rudder, it will not dislodge (10 minutes trying ! ). It's the end of my game. The ships have been sideways to the island, never 'bow to' or 'stern to'. Is this a "run aground" feature? 'cause I'm not prepared to just sit out the game, I will flee the game. Pics from latest (in PTS).
  9. DESCRIPTION Ship model of enemy vessel failed to load in-game REPRODUCTION STEPS Select ship Enter the battle Play match as usual Realize that (at least) one ship model failed to load in-game and is invisible during the entire match RESULT You cannot see the ship at all - it's invisible! Player Name, ship name, and other ship info are still visible but the ship itself cannot be seen. Even having the ship "go dark" and spot it again does not resolve the issue EXPECTED RESULT Ship model successfully loads into the game. Consistently. (Although, I do believe this is a rare bug, but I'd still recommend looking into this matter :3) TECHNICAL DETAILS Time of Occurrence: about 12:45 PM UTC+8; match itself began at around 12:38 PM Replay: I don't have the replay function on, unfortunately; takes up disk space over time and I'm in a net cafe. DxDiag disabled by Cafe management; got the python log though python.log
  10. Just want to confirm what is popular and wether POI is real or not If possible , comment about why you want dat ship in your roster P/s : If you dont want your master evil plan exposed dont go to this post
  11. Hey guys, I made a small video about some of the things you should consider when you do decide to purchase a premium ship. I hope that it's able to help a few people out who are tossing up between what to buy. Check out some of my other videos for more content. Any feedback will be really helpful. Good luck and see you guys in game!
  12. Admiral_Commander

    Can we Submit Fan Art here?

    Hello, Im a new guy moving from WoT. Im just asking if I can submit some fanart here? while Im getting bored submiting to WoT.
  13. BunnyDragon

    Italian Warship When?

    Just wondering, Has anyone learned when the new Italian Prem, is coming? Any timeline? Thought it would have come out with the update in the shop, but still no go. WG, bring it out and take my money already. You sold me on the first version, I want a DD hunter already!
  14. A quick question , i dont know if there are any ship main gun with belt feed or carousol loading mechanism ( not that great of an enthusiast ). So i would like to know if there is any ww2 or early cold war era ship with these mechanisms and will WG give it a yes ? I mean ship with a magazine to rapid fire and duck away sounds like fun to me , what do you guys think Sr if this has already been mentioned = =
  15. Loshirai14

    IJN Tier 4 Premium Suggestion

    Tier IV - IJN Oyodo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_%C5%8Cyodo Has 6x155mm guns on two triple-gun turrets, no torpedoes and powerful AA. Oyodo can be made as a AA focused Cruiser in-game with the AA consumable and a catapult fighter. those seal clubbing tier 4 and 5 CV's are gonna avoid you specially with a top speed of 34kn. She can have an optional upgrade of 4x203mm on two twin-gun turrets. here's some images of IJN Oyodo
  16. In view of update 0.5.5, and its crazy features, especially the new ship sinking animation(s), I feel that the staff could do a bit more. Death animations of ships can be separated into multiple sections: Fire After burning to death, the ship explodes. Makes sense. Shells After being penetrated by enemy shells, ship explodes. Make sense. Flood Being hit by torpedoes, big holes in ship, ship sinks by flooding to death but Explodes. - Reason In my opinion, I don't really find this making any sense. How can a ship that has water entering into her hull gets blown up after the ship is completely filled with water? - Solution(?) The ship's hull should get lower and lower towards the water level as the flooding precedes. This could allow the ship to be more difficult to citadel (as most citadels are underwater) but in turn moves at a way slower speed. And when the ship is very low in HP, the ship should already stop dead in the water (as water probably already flooded into the ship boilers, making the ship unable to move), hull barely visible. And when the ship finally dies, it would just sink into the ocean, no explosion will occur (even when an enemy kills it with artillery). - Why? The flooding to death situation now doesn't really makes that much sense. How could a ship that is flooding, Explodes? And since the developers already created new sinking death animations of ships, this should an easy thing to implement. Thank you for your time reading this post. Any further suggestions are welcomed.
  17. Let me introduce you to my newest Shiny ship: So Shiny! Amirite? Anyway; I've looked up numerous guides and YouTube videos, and in all they say that is is a AA and Anti-DD ship (and Cruiser... And BB... And CV... An- You get the point), but those are from other sources. How would you recommend on how to play this ship? Currently stock at the moment, and not sure what to get first; GFCS or the Upgraded Hull, although probably the hull since I can live with the range. Anything else? If you can give me some tips on how to play it, thanks.
  18. benlisquare

    Upcoming premiums

    Stolen from this video from the Russian WoWS youtube channel:
  19. Harpoon01

    0.3.1. Review, (Carrier)

    This is Review from my Perspective about the change their made to USN CV and about the New Tech tree Line IJN CV Let's start with the ship itself: - USN CV have more AA and at tier 8 to 9 (probably 10 too) could single handedly eliminate any single squad in quick succession before they even drop any bomb (except torpedo from far away) - IJN CV have..... capability to launch squadron faster than USN counterpart but worse AA, and their Concealment are really good compare to USN CV Flight Control: - USN CV.... have much better Fighter than IJN CV, 1 USN Fighter Squad might lose to 2 IJN Fighter Squad, but win in 1 vs 1 (easily) - USN CV from Langley to Lexington only can deploy 1 squad of torpedo bomber at a time, even at their all Bomber Flight Control which is Bad - IJN CV from Houshou to Zuiho only have up to 1 Fighter squad only,and each IJN Squad only have 4 planes - IJN CV rely on their Number of bomber (for example, Lexington All bomber Flight control only have 1 TB and 3 DB, while Shoukaku have 3 TB and 3 DB. Conclusion: USN 6 TB and 12 DB vs 12 TB and 12 DB, Completely outnumbered and for worse Both nation's TB's damages are not far different) Planes: (don't need to explain USN Planes since already there since even Alpha) - IJN Fighters as mention above have slightly higher speed but less damage against other planes - IJN TBs are next candidate to be called OP by BB player since even the patch make Torpedo Spread Wider (bad news for USN TB) doesn't change the fact that IJN TB can do Torpedo wave with very narrow spread (Their 3 TB squad could make even Narrower Torpedo wave than even 2 USN TB squad can do before the recent patch) - IJN DBs similar to USN counterpart with some have better speed and survivability, and same damage (My hearth Broke)