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Found 7 results

  1. Rina_Pon

    DDs for Ranked

    Shimakaze is way better than Gearing. After struggling for a few games trying to make Gearing work in ranked, I switched over to Shimakaze ... and everything became 50 times easier. Gearing is too slow for Arm Race. It has stealth, but the gun DPM, AA, and USN smoke are not useful assets when there are almost no CVs to be found, and RADAR is prevalent. Shima, meanwhile, is the perfect center of the Venn diagram circles of stealth, alpha, and mobility. I'm not the only one to figure this out of course, it's pretty much 100% Shima in the team rosters. This is just a heads up: there is a reason everyone is playing Shima in ranked, and not just because its the most popular TX DD in the game.
  2. Manacetamol

    Haifuri Skins DLC

    HSF Kagero (Harekaze/Okikaze) >>Donwload<< HSF Shiratsuyu >>Download<< HSF Akizuki >>Download<< HSF Shimakaze >>Download<< HSF Aoba >>Download<< HSF Myoko >>Download<< HSF Atago >>Download<< HSF Kongo >>Download<< HSF Hiei (Kongo) >>Download<< HSF Admiral Graf Spee >>Download<< HSF Edinburgh >>Download<<
  3. 大家知道不知道Shimakaze魚雷裝填需要很久才能完成~ ? 每次玩Shimakaze都有人遊戲一開始一直要我去佔領或是去偵查~ 但我的魚雷沒有裝填完成就進入戰鬥區域,那樣做等於肉包子打狗~ 更扯的是一看到敵人就轉頭逃走,完全不掩護我的DD~ ?! 這是在幹嘛呢 ? 結果就是我的DD 被打沉~! 不去偵查或去佔領~ 就是一直被report ~! 我想不玩DD應該就省心了~!
  4. one of the most lucky shimakaze match out there ignore cap, go around the flank spot for team and torp everyone to death I'm not plan to directly mimic this style but I like to point out that contest the cap is not what IJNDD torpedo line are good at DO what she good at, DON'T what she bad at. if you searching a vid about shimakaze epic match more than half are either lucky or torp first, cap later another clip that I like to point it out I like his point, is not that player are 'intend' to be selfish, but the ship was design to play that way if you skilled enough to overcome ship design, that's great. but not everyone can do that (me include) to me personally, gunboat these day are as stealth or even stealthier than torpedo boat, and there's a radar that can range up to 10 - 12 km capping is no longer a suicide job for DD anymore. DD CA BB have to push up together
  5. oh and at 100+ match having shimakaze win-rate goes up beyond 50% is my life long dream (in this game) but thing are not as easy as it's sound. high tier seas these day are infested with radar and ultra-stealth gun boat that keep surprise me every time I try to do torpedo run or let my guard down even a second. and it seem that radar will be standard consumable for almost every new ship line to come, thing are work against me. did I just play her wrong or this is how she is? T_T
  6. After a Lo--------------------------ng grinding in kagero I finally got my first tier 10 ship!! just hour ago, and use free xp for most viable torpedo (2nd one) but I don't have enough credit to buy all her upgrade. and without upgrade, she doesn't stand a chance out in a field. so... I was thinking abut selling kagero... ............................ .............. ....well... at very first time I got kagero (before the 'mega nerf'), she is very fun to play and can deal consistent damage. but after mega nerf... she soooo bad performance to that I swear I'm gonna sell this damn ship right after I got shimakaze. I really think that. ...but... after spend that long time with her... (you know how damn long grinding to tier 10 without any premium and 6 out of 10 match is losing) I... kinda feel 'attached' to her now... I mean... I know full well how bad she is ....but... we been through a lot together. wining, losing (most are lose actually, my lone ship stat say that my win rate in kagero is 40%) laugh out loud when make a success torpedo run and sunk enemy, scream in agony when got sunk without able to do anything. nearly guarantee in credit bleeding when go out (to battle) with her. HELL when I right click to her ship and prepare to sell her for credit to upgrade shimakaze. I can't bring myself to click 'yes' in selling confirmation and cancel it even mutsuki or hatsuharu I sell them without any feeling like this! what's wrong with me... guess I have to go back to tier 5 and play my 4 kongo for credit ... =w='a ------------------------------------------------------- in term of stat... she is potentially most stealthy ship in high tier (with CE) so.... maybe... just maybe... she can still be fun to be with and keep grinding her (commander) for CE and beside... keeping her may get me a new ship as well (Yugumo)
  7. Inisa

    [MOD] Simakaze Alert

    Hello, I'm Inisa. This MOD changes Alert image to simakaze. I used fairy shadow picture from 코코중위's MOD. Enjoy! How to use : Just extract in warships game folder. Download : Click Here