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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I am enjoying world of warships game. There are certain issues i noticed in game play graphics which i need help. I am using Windows 7 64-bit with Intel graphics Card. Default settings - Low graphics with Direct X 9 I am unable to see effects - like ship on fire, smoke emitting from ships - which is used as guide to aim accurately, unable to see AP shells landing on ships that are far away (white trace is not visible as clearly as HE shells yellow trace), white pillar of water that is seen when shells hit water. I saw these effects in videos uploaded on You tube. When i switched to direct x 11 i saw these effects but then the game crashed mid-way of the battle. I read on another forum that PCs with Intel graphic card will lead to game crash due to heavy memory consumption. So i wanted to know settings options where i will be at least able to see AP shell traces and ship smoke so that i can at least improve my aiming which sucks at the moment. (I am not blaming the graphics or my PC for my performance) Any help in altering the Game Settings - Graphics without game crashing, will be appreciated. Thank You. P.S - i have checked out the settings related video from WOW official You Tube channel although it is good guide but it was not useful to solve my problem
  2. in the launcher - settings - Updates - there is an option - "enable download of upcoming updates" - how does this work ? i have turned this on. But nothing seems to be happening - for last 24 hours. Folder has been created in WOW folder but it is empty - nothing is downloaded over there yet - so how does this work ?
  3. I use compact view for my ships but this isnt the main issue, i have no idea but this has happened a few times already all i need to do is just restart client... but right now i dont want to restart the client but i want to know the fix without restarting the entire client. What i wanted to do => scroll the list of ships i have, what i get is just zooming in and out of the ship currently shown in port. settings/ profile with a bar to scroll down and up, isnt working because it will zoom in and out of the ship currently shown in port. this issue is really a headache especially when you are trying to find a ship and the arrow buttons in the ship list is slow especially when you have over 30 ships....