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Found 5 results

  1. XxxGr1ffinxxX

    having 2 servers at once

    well, theres no hiding the SEA server isn't the best. we don't have any well-known CC's/youtubers, over half the server doesn't speak english, making team communication difficult (and i feel no one else uses pings 9 times out of 10). so after joing Denarmo's discord, and had chat on a server, i wanted to have a chance, not a big one, but a chance to play with/against my favourite wows youtubers (Flolo, flambino, denarmo, yuro) so i want to play on a different server, but whats here on my SEA account. so here are my main questions what server do most of the youtubers play on? (preferably denarmo's) how do i install a new client for a different server? (do i use my WG account, make a new one, etc.) what happens to all my progress here? is it affected thank you all in advance
  2. KaiserPhantasma

    Next Server Maintenance?

    Good day I just want to ask when is the next planned server maintenance as I want to avail of premium and want to take that juicy additional 1 day
  3. ACScott

    Unable to switch servers

    I primarily play the asia server but have an account on the NA server. With 7.0.1 I have been unable to switch servers, I don't get any error, just keep returning to the login screen.
  4. I have just paid for 100 papa papa flags for an NA account that I made recently but without an updated "access to all servers" client or mod I can't use them because I don't have access to the NA server are there any modders out there or anyone who can help me access the server so I can use these signal flags? Also so I don't just cram the forums full of stuff I'm also going to throw in a suggestion, can we please get WG to copy the NA premium shop to the Asia server because the benefits they have there are awesome and I could really use them here.
  5. Maltusha


    Advice Needed! Hey Captains, I am currently enjoying this game on a WOWS ASIA. I am however from the UK. I am living and working in Singapore but am due to return to the UK in December. Obviously I will have to log on to the EU servers to continue playing this great game (Low Tier German ships suck ass though) Can I ask any of you how I go about transferring my account? I know it can be done. I refuse to create another account and have to spend time and money again reaching the same level I am at now Tier 5-6 in all classes. Any help or advice you guys could share would be appreciated very much. Good luck and fair seas haha Bill