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Found 19 results

  1. Dununda

    Server Asia - any issues

    Hi all, does anyone know if the Asian server is experiencing any issues today (04/05/18). I keep getting cannot connect to server error reports. Thanks for your help, Cheers Update - I have uninstalled and re-installed the game, changed my password, run the server / network checks and sent the logs to WoW. I am south of Sydney. Managed to get on for a game this morning only to be disconnected immediately at conclusion of game. Also, discovered I had team penalty for early exiting game and inactivity all due to disconnect issues. Sorry to anyone that was on my team at the time. Update 2 - I have followed all the instructions from support, still no good. Still cannot connect to update or game server. Common thread - Optus? Update 3- Was able to connect using my mobile as a hot spot. Contacted Optus to report issue. 30 minutes later was able to connect via eithernet. Coincidence? Will monitor for the next few days. Cheers Dununda
  2. LongDongFong

    Needs more bots

    Hi all, and this is specifically aimed at WG Asia I was wondering what WG ASIA is doing about bot accounts, if anything. I am seeing more and more of these 'players' that do very little, even by Asia server standards. After battles I'm checking the profiles of these very very hard to detect ninjas and 36--42% is pretty consistent, average damages range from 6k - 8k, Kill/Death ratios of 0.1 are pretty normal for them. Everyone knows that botting is rampant here, same as it was on WoT Asia, yet these accounts are racking up thousands of battles and WG seem to be struggling to do anything about it, or ignoring the issue. I see 1 on average every battle yet WG has access to all the data and the problem persists. I know it's a lot to ask, given that they can't even get CV balance right, but surely they can slap a ban hammer on bot accounts just as easily as they would on anyone that points out that they're incompetent.
  3. 如題,官方前陣子開放給亞服轉移伺服器帳號,我與其他同學都轉移到北美,但是在今日2019/12/13 晚間23:56(UTC +8)時,同時出現以下畫面,還請官方回復,或者同時有遇到這個問題的玩家也一起討論!
  4. HSF_Akeno_Misaki

    CV numbers between servers database

    Is there a list or database showing the number of CVs on the different servers. I believe that Wargaming made one and showed it to the CCs during their last visit in Russia. Thanks
  5. Please separate this 2 different topic at the chatroom to have their individual room They search 2 different meaning .. Advertising your clan at the current chatroom often get greeted by boxes and boxes till the advertisement become unseen by people who ACTUALLY looking for a clan Look at timestamps!! Just possted few minutes later.. BOXES AND BOXES
  6. So just installed WoWs again after 3 months and 2 days ago i just finished installing and downloading it. At the log in menu , i typed my email and my password. I'm sure i'm not typing the wrong email or password. I've tried to log in again and again and again and it seems the game didn't allow me to log in at all. I have good internet connection in other games but when i try to log in into WoWs i encounter the same problem. Sooo... did anyone have the fix to this problem ? ( Yes I've tried to reinstall it again twice and the problem occurs again )
  7. There is Tachibana Lima (tier 2 premium destroyer) mission available for both EU an NA servers. The mission runs between 23rd May to 4th June. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/free-premium-tachibana/ Why is this mission not available for Asian server ? Its a Japanese Ship so why not for players playing game on Asian server ? It would have been nice if it was made available for us.
  8. Jov3rr


    Hi guys need Help!!! Its almost 2 or 3 days.. and this error persist.. i can't even check integrity of the game!! I REFRESH IT ALL THE TIME!! ... damn do i need to download this again???? tsk tsk tsk.. Red text is reserved for moderator/staff use only. Do not use red text. Post edited, no warning issued as it is your first post on the forums. Please make sure to read the forum rules. ~Syanda
  9. nmadan78

    Problem in account

    Hello fellow Captains, I was playing the game (Asia Server) till a few months ago. I then uninstalled WOW from my computer. I have reinstalled it again after a few months. However: 1) I cannot find the Asia server - Its only showing me 'WOW NA' in the server option. 2) My username and password are ok, but when I log into the game, I am at level one. Also when I log into the website, my previous record is missing. Please advise on what may be the issue. Good Hunting. Yours Aye nmadan78
  10. Unfortunately for me and a few others, we started off in this SEA server. This server is unfortunately, the WORST server to play on and I will tell you why. 1. Every single person runs AS loadout I played 31 games today to complete my ARP missions and I witnessed only 2 strike loadouts out of about 25 games with a CV. I have no clue why everyone on this server wants to play such a redundant role of being useless. This promotes a defensive play which absolutely accomplishes nothing. Playing reactionary in CV does not win games nor does it help your team. 2. Events We have gotten to the point where they are outright recycling the ARP boats and captains. Not only this but the rewards for completing these missions are absolutely horrendous. It has been what, 6 months? And the best captain they've given us is a 12 point captain. EU got a 16 (Sixteen) point captain for their 2nd mission. Not only this but I've played around 2200 games including ranked. I only have 1 17point captain and 2 15 point captains. The grind is outright ridiculous with repeatable events giving 1.2x exp/captain exp. Sure we are not NA but look at this. NA gets 2x exp first wins or a 1.5x exp/ 2x captain. NA gets events which are not just ARP missions. I started an account on NA called Unryuu_Kai and in 200 games, I already got a Taiho and a 10 point captain and a 16 point one. I only have 2 T9s and a T10 on SEA. This is just how horrible SEA is compared to other servers. EU right now got an event to gain 50k exp and they receive 1M. Our event's max rewards are 400k. 3. High Tier gameplay + Nationality gameplay If you have been living under a rock, IJN DDs are now absolute trash. Go look at the statistics, I'm not bothered explaining. SEA is filled with IJN DDs and more often than not, they are dead weight. Not only this, SEA's players simply do nothing in high tier but loiter around and snipe. I do not blame them but again, SEA was the ONLY server to not receive the high tier reduction in repairs. And please don't give me an excuse like "oh we're the control group". We haven't even received 5.10.1 yet while NA has already received it a week ago. Don't get me started on contests too. NA gets contests where they give away premium ships and 2k+ doubloons. SEA? A measly 1000 doubloons for first place! It would make sense if NA had more players but as far as I'm concerned; both servers have the same amount of players at peak time. TLDR: SEA server sucks and nothing is being done to fix it.
  11. Hello everyone, so here is my problem: I've downloaded the game 2 days ago and I have no problem on installing it or downloading it, but until the time when I am trying to login the game, the game always show me this message: "Error connecting to the server Failed to connect to the server, please try again later." And here's what I've done: -Allowed the game and launcher to pass through firewall -Uninstalled and reinstalled the game -Checked the internet connections *I've restarted the modem as well* -Checked antivirus and window defender *which I have totally no problem with them* -Having the latest version of DirectX and Visual C++ And these is what I've done to try and fix the problem and apparently they doesn't work, I tried to launch the game on my friend's laptop as well and it turns out that it works perfectly and I don't even know why, if anyone out there know how to fix this problem please help!!! I am trying to hard here to play this game==
  12. Helterskelter15

    Error Connecting to Server WOWS Asia

    Downloaded the new update but unable to login : Error connecting to server Failed to connect please try again later Anyone else having issues ?
  13. NZ has better Link to usa than Asia. I did not know this at the time of account creation. How do I move my account too the NA server, I am in New Zealand and after Testing my ping is 100ms better to NA server than to asia. I have over 2300+ games and a Few Tier 9 ships , doubloons + Premium invested in this account and dont want to start from scratch. Ping to NA server 90-100ms, Ping to asia 200ms+ with blinking lag icon.
  14. I used to have this problem, however thanks to this post on the EU forums, everything's fixed. The culprit? Kaspersky Anti-virus. Turns out that if you use Kaspersky software (Internet Security/Anti-Virus/Pure), you cannot access the chat service in World of Warships and get a "Chat Sever Unavailable" error because they block TCP port 5222 (Jabber/Google Talk) which is what the game uses for the chat system. The reason for this is because many RATs use TCP port 5222 to communicate with botnets and send commands; Kaspersky blocks this port as a preventative measure against trojan infections. Here's the solution: Launcher Client Alternative method: Thanks to JeeWeeJ on the EU forums for this fix.
  15. Umidoori


    http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20150719/statistics.html Nice stats. CVs are first and DDs are last.
  16. imastermike

    Plis make Oceania server ;c

    Plis make Oceania server for all the Oceanians :c we don't wanna connect to North Amurica and get 100 ping ;c
  17. cloudey

    Server issues

    Hey guys i downloaded the open beta today and i accidentally installed it from the EU site, god knows why it directed me there as i live in Australia, i then re installed from Asia site and still only get the option to join WOWS EU, so i cant play with my friends. anyone know a fix?
  18. errrr...... ive had a few battles and things have been ok but the lag has been getting worse and worse.....the ping was on 160 then it keeps going up and up each day 190 then 210 then 250, 290, 350, 360 it goes up a little every day now its on 380 and you can see the lag in game......im near Sydney Australia and its like the server is in moscow(russia) somewhere....the lag became so bad that the guns stopped aiming or firing or anything...I had to rage-quit !!! please can we have a pacific server for AU & NZ
  19. DeepDark_Fantasy

    slow/laggy server?

    I dont know bout your internet connection with wow, I live in New Zealand with optical fiber (100mbps), however in game the average ping is around 210. It's just frustrating with so much excitement after pre-purchase your ships only see them constantly teleporting in battles if not disconnected just before a kill... maybe an oceanic/australia server is needed? maybe a separate server for a separate continent make sense? or maybe smooth gameplay is just too much to ask...