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Found 28 results

  1. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The I-56 Experience

  2. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    Smolensk Remastered

    Last video before my exam lads, I hope you all enjoy.
  3. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Plymouth Experience

    Haven't posted in a long time, hope this makes up for it.
  4. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    A Saipan Guide

    Don't often do this style but have fun with this one regardless
  5. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Gascogne Experience

    AL's best girl ladies and gentlemen
  6. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Vanguard Experience

    Made this video on a ship I think doesn't get enough love.
  7. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Viribus Unitis

    Had a crack at this sort of editing for once, hopefully you all enjoy.
  8. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Grozovoi Experience

    Enjoy :3
  9. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    Le Terrible Experiencce

  10. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr


    This is probably my best work yet, I hope you all enjoy.
  11. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    Graf Zeppelin

    My take on Graf Zeppelin.
  12. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Alexander Nevsky Experience

    Spent a bit of time on this one,, I hope you all enjoy.
  13. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr


    I've been tired and sick recently, so this video is rather short and not my best. Nevertheless, I hope you can get some enjoyment out of it 🙂
  14. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr


    It's been quite a while...but I'd like to present what is probably my best video to date.
  15. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Tashkent Experience

    Hope you enjoy this video I made as much as I enjoy the Blue Cruiser.
  16. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Lenin

    Haven't posted for a while, but wanted to spread some awareness of my latest work: As always, I hope you enjoy.
  17. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Only Way to Play Shimakaze

    Speedran this in 2 days, but still probably my best work. Hope you all enjoy!
  18. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    How to Shimakaze

    Trying a new style of video, hope you enjoy.
  19. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    The Hyuga Experience

    I hope you all enjoy this one.
  20. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr


    This is my fastest edit ever.
  21. Plymouth_MyWife_PrPr

    Pepegacy #1

    A small pepega video I made while I work on my next project.