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Found 1 result

  1. Good afternoon captains. Been thinking about these consumables for a while. WG recently added Main battery reload for French fleet. So why not add those 2 consumables to the game as well. Besides they can make some difference and create new play style as well. Lets face it, all german BBs take huge pen from other BBs, weak AA protection means getting wiped by CV AP bombers, and they are vaulnarable to HE spam in . Many players see them as damage pinatas. And DDs are targeted by every guns in the area when spotted, I've explained DD nerf(passive) about a day ago as well with new CV rework, radars etc. Now lets see where we might expect these 2 consumables to fit in. >>Secondary reload booster(SRB) for Germans Battleships. Option1: SRB in the same slot with hydro. This can define if a player wants to be aggressive(with SRB) or careless about torps(with hydro) Option2: SRB in same slot with fighter. More weak against new CVs or aggressive playstyle. Option3: SRB in new slot >>Anti Targeting System (Anti Instant death consumable) for DDs This will come handy as it will increase dispersion of all ships targeting that poor DD, So a DD will have some hope for not getting murdered when trying to cap or spotting for the team ahead. Wish this will encourage DDs to cap again and spot rather than refusing to cap and spot in battles(Random battles mostly). Some of you might think well radar nerf is about to come, why I'm talking about (Anti Instant death consumable) for DDs. Even with a dealy that DD will get spotted regardless and I don't think a light cruisers doesn't really need any help to kill a DD with yet standing radar time which WG is not changing remember. Wish WG will find a way to slot this consumable for DDs. Have a good day captains.