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Found 2 results

  1. as title, since having spare FXP , and not really care for back lane camping guns , am looking to see if this CB works it , or should I wait for the French / British / Italian FXP Super Cruiser ( and what might they be like really )
  2. So I am trying to a build Secondary focused Captain for my German BBs. I will be transferring this Captain from ship to ship as I move up the tiers. The tier III and IV Captain skills I am looking at are: 1) BFT 2) Superintendent 3) Manual Control for Secondaries 4) IFHE 5) AFT The problem is I won't have the points to get all of these, so I must give one of them up. But which one should I give up? BFT also increases AA damage in addition buffing Secondaries, so it also protects against CVs. Superintendent gives an extra heal, and together with flags plus the Premium Repair Party consumable allows me to tank quite a lot of damage, plus its a lot easier to farm to farm more Dreadnought achievements for flags, which would allow me to farm even more and so on and so forth. Manual Control improves accuracy which is important considering the Secondary guns are manned by Imperial Stormtroopers. I heard IFHE is good for German BBs, as the secondaries fire mostly HE in higher tiers, and can penetrate enemy BBs. AFT increases range, which is probably the most important factor in a Secondary build. So which skill should I forego? I'm inclined to drop either IFHE or BFT. Is that a good idea? Should I lose Superintendent instead? Or should I grab a totally different skill like CE? What do you all think? Thanks in advance!