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Found 2 results

  1. CaptainZade_

    Seattle: A Mediocre Buffalo

    Alright, so I talked about the Alsace in my previous post and I actually did better than expected, in fact I did better in the Alsace than I did in the Richelieu. After that I started grinding for the American CLs and so far I liked the ships in T6-T8. Then I bought the Seattle, a ship in which I knew would be mediocre but I played it anyway and guess what? The turret angles are the worst in a USN CL I've ever seen, can't even fire over islands without getting detected and subsequently..... getting DEV STRUCK. With that experience, I considered the Seattle a worse Buffalo as at least the Buffalo has 12 203mm guns and what does the Seattle have? 12 152mm guns with bad turret angles that I can't even consider it a successor to the Cleveland. Now I thought that I would do well considering I did do well in a ship that many consider bad prior to its nerf, but the Seattle is in a whole new way of bad for me, and as always, when I do bad in a ship, I ask you guys, the community on how to play Seattle and how to not have a bad time probably. I really want to make this ship work so I can do well in it and maybe even better than the Cleveland. Also feel free to check my stats, I think people seeing my stats would help me improve as a somewhat-new-wows-player.
  2. Dendi_Superman


    Got the Seattle, somewhat recently, and my stats are supercalifreakinhorrible. Average Damage: Horrible Average Warships Destroyed: Horrible Main Battery Hit Ratio: Horrible Positioning: Horrible