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Found 2 results

  1. We started fresh with a bold DD line, as you can see, and 12 hard-hitting Mk 11 torpedoes, which you can just imagine for now. It’s a powerful ship, even for a DD, because our double-strapped 102mm/50 Mk 14 guns come on stronger than ever. You want USN performance and economy, too? You want premium long lasting smoke and our exclusive low-detection camo to farm extra damage from staying undetected and shoot and shoot and shoot. The Clemson is strong in other ways, too, with quick-shifting steering gear and fast turret traverse. How could you become even more enthusiastic about the Clemson? Sail one yourself in Random battles during weekends!
  2. Kaede_Natsuyuki

    Hall of Fame 2017 Q3!

    Since the last Q2 OP is missing in action, I shall continue the bragging rights thread Hall of Fame and begin hosting from now on - Season has Ended - Thank you for participating this season Hall of Fame! List of winners Run time: 7th of August 2017 - 20th of October 2017 Last call for scores will be at 23:59 GMT +8 on the 20th of October 2017 Prizes: 500 Doubloons for the player who achieved the: Highest raw XP earned in a Destroyer. Highest raw XP earned in a Cruiser. Highest raw XP earned in a Battleship Highest raw XP earned in a Carrier. 750 doubloons for highest base XP on this season (yes, prizes are coming from my wallet don't expect too much because I'm not richboi TwT) Rules: Only games from patch 0.6.8 are allowed. Only games that were played from the 7th of August 2017 onward will count. Entries must contain the following tabs: Personal Score Team Score Detailed Report Credits and XP tab is optional. See previous threads for examples of the format. If any of the above tabs aren't shown, then your post is disqualified. Only one entry per ship but you can update that score with a new one (via a new post). Asia server players only and must be played on Asia server (NA, EU, or RU server result will not be counted). Results must only be from the Live server (No Public test result) Community Challenge(s): F10 - Good luck, and fair seas Links to previous seasons:2016 : Q1/Q2 | Q3 | Q42017 : Q1 | Q2 Thread locked on OP's request. ~amade